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joeyc481 Mar 31, 2010 11:36:06 AM

You should file a claim with eBay as a Non paying bidder after 7 or 8 days. Then wait for the case to be settled by eBay. When you win the case, then offer to the second chance bidder.

If you want to automate this process, eBay has a new tool for you to use. It will automatically open a Unpaid item case for you after 4 days if the item is not paid. You can select 8 days and other time limits.

Updates to the unpaid item process; Unpaid Item Assistant available to all sellers soon in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be making the process for handling unpaid items easier for both buyers and sellers.

Improvements to the process when you open an unpaid item claim manually

If a buyer doesn’t pay and you cancel the transaction, the buyer will no longer be able to pay for the item.
If you open an unpaid item case, it will be closed automatically when the buyer pays using a safe electronic payment method such as PayPal or Moneybookers.
Automate claims with Unpaid Item Assistant, available soon to more sellers
In the next few weeks, the new Unpaid Item Assistant will gradually be available to more sellers and we expect to make it available to all sellers by the end of March.

Unpaid Item Assistant automatically opens a case if your buyer doesn’t pay after a period of time that you specify. If four days pass without payment after the case is opened, the case will be closed, your Final Value Fee will be automatically refunded, the buyer won’t be able to leave Feedback, and you will be able to relist your item.

To find out if it’s available to you, towards the end of March go to My eBay or Selling Manager > Account tab > Site Preferences > Selling Preferences, and look for the link to opt in

Here is a direct link to the announcement


I have no personal experience with this process but it does sound like a good tool.



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