How Japan is helping pensioners stay happy and have fun. (via BBC World Hacks)


How Japan is helping pensioners stay happy and have fun. (via BBC World Hacks)



  1. The elderly there appear way more healthy and younger, both physically and in spirit, than the elderly here in the U.S. There are sparkles of life in their eyes that you rarely see in the elderly here.

  2. I believe there is a problem amongst the 15 year old population of boys not wanting to leave their rooms, I read about girl caregiver friends to take them outside, it’s a recluse issue of fear I think.
    Update ….it’s due to stress. Scientific research
    I wonder if companioning a male senior as a role model would help

  3. Once upon a time, I worked for a charitable organization that had quite a few elderly retiree volunteers. Those guys were having the most fun out of anyone. They just really loved the personal engagement, audiences for their storytelling, and a sense of purpose. If it will ever be possible for me to retire in this capitalist dystopia, I hope to volunteer or have an opportunity to provide this worthy and mutually-beneficial service to society

  4. I once knew a man who was a carpenter till about 75 and he was one of the strongest people I knew always active lifting things never was he Ill but once he retired and wasn’t doing much he died a year later

  5. What a fantastic idea! It will provide emotional and physical belonging to many elderly. However, since people live longer anyway, in the future it is likely that every one will work until they ‘drop’

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  7. I can’t understand why the Government in Britain do not do as other Countries. Utilise the skills, attributes that you acquire during your working life. I got a part time job, but was taxed so much that it wasn’t worth my while continuing. It was an insult. At least as a volunteer they appreciate you.


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