How do you stand out in a large field of Democrats running for US president?


How do you stand out in a large field of Democrats running for US president?



  1. It’s not about “beating Trump,” it’s about meaningful policies and trying to win back people so disillusioned with politics they voted in Trump.

    Constantly make it about “orange man bad” and he’ll be there another 4 years.

  2. So the Ds platform for 2020 is beat Trump and free stuffs Hahaha. I’d love an intelligent platform that promoted fair trade, a reduction in massive gov’t size and debt spending. Further reforms to our justice system and an end to the wars abroad and the endless war on drugs. I could vote for that… However, we get free stuffs and orange man bad lol.

    This is the best and brightest the elite ruling class can offer? The only one who isn’t a complete tool is Tulsi Gabbard…

  3. Right now Democrat’s are so afraid of another Trump term that they are grasping at anything that could keep him out of office. I hope they don’t pull the trigger on impeachment proceedings until they have something absolutely concrete. Right now everything is “might have”, “maybe” and “possibly” Trump did something. If they had something irrefutable, then the discussion of whether to proceed with impeachment would be over.

  4. They’ll fail again if they don’t get their priorities right. Identity politics, Virtue signalling and We’re not TRUMP won’t be enough to influence voters, because those things do affect 80% of the voters.
    Trump is getting what people cares about the most.., the economy.

  5. Whenever democrats get the power , just spreading and supporting terrorists groups. terrorists , they love terrorists groups for , terrorists show respect and behave kindness to demonstrate , besides show kindness pay very good bribe to some of them.

  6. Everybody is still crying about Trump’s sexual harrassment from 15 years ago but nobody wants to talk about Biden’s from 3 to 4 years ago because “He’s a good guy” and “That’s just how he is” and “He’s just being affectionate.”

  7. Please inform yourselves about the voting records of the candidates that are currently in elected positions. I found out that Klobuchar voted to cut food stamps some time ago. Sorry, but this disqualifies her for me.


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