1. A man you’ve just started dating surprises you with an expensive gift. How do you react?
  • You accept the give eagerly and give him a dazzling smile as a thank you.
  • You tease him, saying you’ll accept the gift if the date goes well
  • You accept, but keep an eye on this guy. You wonder what his motives are.
  • You refuse the gift. He doesn’t know you well enough.
  • You’ve just broken up with someone, and you’re treating yourself to a tropical vacation. During the vacation you:
    • Go out almost every night. You’re excited to meet new men.
    • Spend some time talking to the friendly guys at your resort.
    • Read and relax. You’re picky about who you date next.
    • Enjoy the quiet solitude of nature.
  • Your friend’s attractive boyfriend has been flirting with you lately. What’s your reaction?
    • You seriously consider getting with him
    • You flirt back – it’s harmless
    • You act friendly, but fight back your urge to flirt
    • You ignore him and tell your friend about this
  • Imagine a romantic sunset with your dream guy. It takes place…
    • On the beach
    • At a ritzy five star hotel
    • On top of a mountain
    • At your place
  • If you are at a party where you don’t know anyone…
    • You introduce yourself to some interesting looking people
    • You ask the host or hostess to introduce you to someone
    • You walk around casually and check things out
    • You wait to be approached
  • Your ideal first kiss:
    • Has lots of eye contact
    • Is playful and surprising
    • Is casual and quick
    • Is on the cheek
  • What do you look for in a guy?
    • Smarts
    • Humor
    • Status
    • Stability

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