I have never quite been able to recreate the Sales Summary Net items (gross sales, discounts etc.) in a way that matches our actual deposits.

There’s a lot of factors that affect the sales reports like pay outs, fees, refunds, and subscription purchases.

I would appreciate if someone could make a breakdown of everything that actually affects Net Sales so that I could create invoices in my accounting software that actually match my deposits.

Here’s an example of what I would need:

The following stuff is already included in the Sales Summary

Gross Sales

(Discounts)Net Sales

Gift Card Sales
(Partial Refunds)
Total Collected

I would like to go from Total Collected down to Expected Deposit Total as follows:

Total Collected

– pay outs

– subscription fees

– Transactions carried over to next days sales summary

+ transactions from previous day

– Pending credit transactions

+ Previously pending credit transactions added to deposit

+/- anything else that affects the Sales Summary down to the point of deposit.

Ideally Square could create a master report that includes data from ALL the other reports (payment methods, drawer reports, etc).

Thanks in advance!



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