Hello, I do not have 1h to spend on ATT phone system, I work.

I just spent hours sunday trying to find out how to contact ATT via a chat or email (email prefered, I do not want to contact ATT via the PHONE, this is too long), this is impossible, this is bad for an internet provider, I should find how to do it in 30 sec (some company like sonic.net repy to you via phone or email in few minutes, how come ATT can’t do this?)

I just want an email for few questions:

1) sometime I have the speed I pay for (12Mbps Uverse) but sometime my internet connection speed sucks, instead of 12Mbps I have 5Mbps….

2) is It possible to have a fix IP, is it free or do you need to pay more?

3) for none static IP, how do I receive an automatic email when my dynamic IP change?





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