• Check all that apply to you or that you agree with.
  • You drink at least a cup of tea a day, often a lot more than that.
  • You can tell the difference between a posh British accent and a more working class accent.
  • You’ve been known to go to the pub any (and every) night of the week.
  • It doesn’t phase you to go to work hungover.
  • The last time you were sunburned, you were on vacation.
  • You are very polite – often unnecessarily so.
  • When you say “football”, you aren’t referring to a game played by huge Americans.
  • You have been known to shock people from time to time. You aren’t politically correct.
  • You have a “favourite colour” not a “favorite color.”
  • You really don’t understand iced tea.
  • You have a football club you root for, and it’s not Manchester United.
  • You’re rather fond of puns.
  • You say “cheers” – and not just when you’re toasting.
  • You are quite modest. You don’t boast about yourself.
  • You can easily kill an afternoon at Harrods.
  • You drive a German car.
  • You know and love a full English breakfast.
  • You apologize constantly.
  • You think fish and chips is the perfect accompaniment to beer.
  • You have a self deprecatory sense of humor.

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