“His body language this evening has been so contemptuous.” Leader of the House …


“His body language this evening has been so contemptuous.”

Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg is criticised by Green MP Caroline Lucas for his posture.

(via BBC Politics) bbc.in/2zMy2jB



  1. I’m pretty sure most people are sick of listening to her and the rest of the Alt-left fascists who scream at anyone slightly right of Karl Marx or isn’t licking the Imperial EU jackboot.

    She is absolutely off her rocker.

  2. I would have been the same these self righteous prigs think they can usurp us the British people who have instructed them to get us out and all they want is to perpetuate the gravy train of the EU for thier own benefit

  3. You know for someone with such an archane love of tradition and superfluous language pedantry you would think he would understand the concept of “sitting up straight whilst at work”

    His posh accent and uselessly complex vocabulary really does little to hide his nature of an overgrown teenager

  4. Jacob Rees-Mogg is an extremely arrogant man, who should not be in the Commons at all – he would fit better in with the Lords upstairs than in the house of commons…. But then will he have no political power, who is what he really want…

  5. I’d just like to thank Mogg for his great contribution to getting his government defeated by virtue of his arrogant and patronising address to parliament today, happily putting down colleagues on both sides of the house, in so doing pissing off everybody. Take a bow Jakey.

  6. ‘Contemptuous?’
    For sure the body language of Jacob Rees-Mogg is contemptuous; but equally as contemptuous is the attitude of Caroline Lucas who has refused for three years to accept the will of the majority through a referendum poll that Westminster granted the electorate …

    Lying down on a bench in the laughably tagged ‘Mother of all Parliaments’ is nothing in the manner of contempt than ignoring a majority vote!!

  7. And this, the first day of Parliament.
    No excuse JRM.
    Its not like he is a new parent, or a carer who has to go back to work. This photo makes a mockery of any worker who would be sacked for sleeping on the job. As a registered nurse I would be struck off.


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