Heartbreaking Video Of The 75 coffins of the 75 People Hausa Fulani Herdsmen But…


Heartbreaking Video Of The 75 coffins of the 75 People Hausa Fulani Herdsmen Butchered And Killed In Benue State Nigeria



  1. Nigeria..
    A country where masquerades drive cars and dead people carry portfolios
    A country where the release of 1 girl is celebrated by the president on national television while 100 girls are being slaughtered by herdsmen in their villages.
    Where the country is asked to pray for only one man out of the two who had a freak accident with expensive power bikes and the people had to trek to the prayer venue due to fuel scarcity..
    Where the president can’t recall his age nor his phone number but still thinks he’s good enough to rule for 8 years..
    Where peaceful protesters are called terrorists while genocidal herdsmen are ignored..

  2. The same Fulani is your president. Brainwashed people who has sold their rights for a cup of rice. 2019 is coming vote for your Fulani president again and expect him to fight his Kinsmen.

  3. FG. Would say these are common criminals still ? After a terror act that killed unarmed 75 citizens you still don’t want to proscribe herdsmen as terrorist group, Biafra who never carried out any violent protest are been proscribe as terrorist organization. Too bad something is really going wrong ☺️

  4. I just can’t believe my eyes. Even in the so called democratic government and the government that tends to show concern about insecurity in the country, a government that recently requested billions to fight insecurity, yet the President didn’t make a remarkable comment on this present killings, not even some money to help the families of victims. Tell me a friend or a father who leaves his children to die while he focus on spending and lobbying to secure another sit in Aso Rock, come 2019. What a country!

  5. May you not come across this animals in human skin IJN Amen and if that happens before any one of them lay a finger on you .. Take 2 of them to the death with you .. Herdsmen Bastards 😡😡😡

  6. Seventy five(75) souls buried in one day and the qovernments are not doinq anythinq about it because there children or relations are not amonq them… 😑😒😒
    No sinner will ever qo unpunish. Believe it or not!!!!! 😡😡😡

  7. Let every Nigerian man or woman who is pained by this slaughter of human beings in order to protect cows, boycott the eating of cow meat in any form immediately. , starting from my family, you cannot be empowering those who are threats to our lives nd future , you cannot empower them economically nd still be crying fowl when they slaughter human beings to protect animals

  8. This is a wake up call for Benue state. You can’t just sit and get slaughtered by these beasts. You’ve got to defend yourselves, the government won’t defend you, they will never come to your rescue. You have to quench fire with a bigger fire this time. It’s an eye for an eye. The herdsmen have already declared war, so it’s high time you fight back….Its better to die in the battlefield defending yourselves and your loved ones than being slaughtered in your sleep. #standup. RIP to the dead

  9. Just observing something..non of my hausa brothers and sisters are commenting on this issue..so my question is this are we really one Nigeria…..if am wrong i stand to be corrected…

  10. There was a country, Igbos saw this coming, igbo is a tribe that saw tomorrow n refused to live together with this blood thirsty demons, now have u all seen why we want Biafra, we dont want to live with heartless demons, Biafra is all we want, See people that want One Nigeria,

  11. When they did it to us in 1966, you saw nothing wrong with it and called Igbos trouble makers. Today you have just started with 75. 2,999,975 remaining and this must include General Yakubu Gowons own people. Shey General Gowon reneged on the Aburi Accord(that would have saved him and his people today) to help the Hausa Fulanis in their evil plans for dominance of One Nigeria…wait,the 2,999,975 remaining must include Plateau people. Call it nemesis from the God of Igbos.

    Meanwhile us Igbos must not stop at the Handshake across the Nigeria…We must pursue a Handshake across the Creeks of the SS to make sure we build our alliance with the entire South. In preparation for the final battle that is to come.

  12. These are human beings slaughtered like animals because of Fulani’s. And they are proud to say it was a revenge. God plz take control of this country and restore justice to our land. What can I do when the president is doing nothing. All I can say is May their soul rest in peace. #Heartbreaking

  13. They(Fulani) brought their cows to the South and the southerns accommodated them but they(Fulani) are now killing their host community to take over their land just because the host welcomed them, but i was told by a community in Yobe state were i went to build and train my pig the they can’t allow me to do such business,

  14. In a world that is so small
    One neighbor sleep while the other been brutally killed.
    You have the right to defend yourself, you have the right to defend someone’s right.
    May their soul rest in peace.

  15. May their souls rest in perfect peace…..as for buhari he won’t say anything cos he is also a fulani…I curse the day I support his vote may the spirit of the innocent continue too hunt him and his family and also hunt the herdsmen Amen..

  16. this people are taking advantage of Christ in the other two tribes, until they go back to the old age, defend their land as Israelite did those days, this beast we continue killings in hundred, thousand, take over like Turkey.😥😥

  17. How did government even allow some people to carry weapons freely while it’s a crime by some others? If everyone is allowed to bear arms, it will be hard to just invade a city and start killing people because they will be able to defend themselves.

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