Have you ever heard of Ear Candling?I can’t decide if this is gross or oddly sat…


Have you ever heard of Ear Candling?

I can’t decide if this is gross or oddly satisfying! 🙈



  1. Peroxide every 2 weeks. Dont matter if I feel I need it or not. For 7-10 minutes each ear and belly button. I have such a deep inny when it comes 2 belly buttons. You’ll b surprised at the effect of peroxide n ur ears. It feels like a weight comes off u. Never have I ever had a earache!! Yes I clean my ear thoroughly when I shower every day but every 2 wks. It’s peroxide time. U don’t get water ear from it (don’t know why, cuz I get swimmers ear every time I go swimming under water. Peroxide has never given me anything but the bubbly sound of it dissolving the wax. I use a paper towel to get all of it out. I did my n child’s ear from the time she had her first bath til she was old enuf to do it 4 herself. She’s never had ear problems


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