Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes calls for review of assisted suicide legislation


Miriam says she’s asked her partner to help her die if she’s struck down with a debilitating illness – and insists that suicide is ‘not a terrible thing’

Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes calls for review of assisted suicide legislation



  1. Agreed. If I’m ever made a vegetable, when I die im going to come back and haunt everyone who kept me alive. It’s the saddest thing keeping someone alive for the sake of it when they can’t actually live.

  2. It’s especially not wrong if you’re dying anyway. Seems pretty desperate to hang on to the bitter end. Oh well, everyone’s got to be a martyr these days. Always wanting to dictate what others do when it doesn’t affect you personally.

  3. I think its up to the indiviuel to choose if theres no hope and all quality of life is gone from thier perspective my dad hung on till his last breathe the doctors wouldnt remove his gall bladder such a horrible way to die he starved to death in agony they killed him

  4. Then you will end up with forced euthanizing like that poor woman with dementia that couldn’t fight for her life because no matter how much she said she wanted to live and didn’t want to die that the doctors could over ride her voice and murder her because of some twisted higher moral authority

  5. I believe in euthanasia, you will say no, but you all think it is ok to put a horse or dog down, to put it out of its misery, what’s the difference, I have seen how some people are in pain, and don’t want to go on, asking to be helped, if you are able to sign a waver then why not as long as it is all legal and you a will.

  6. If I am of sound mind but my body is not, then I should have the right to end my life with dignity and with all those who love me without them fearing being charged with assisted suicide.


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