Family Wizards Family Wizard information properties
Use the family wizard to create or modify a family in a genealogy tree within
a single window.

Individuals Individual properties
Store all information related to a family member (birth, death, pictures,
education and more)

Individual tab quick navigation

Families Marriage properties
Set detailed information about the union, if the couple is only living
together or if they are divorced.

Labels Label properties
Add general information by using a floating text object in your family tree.

Twins Twins properties
Create twins or multiple births.

Custom Tags
Enter specific information in non-existing data fields.

How places work in GenoPro
Any location can be represented as a place, with values ranging from country
to room number.

Sources How sources works in GenoPro
Information references, sources are very important to trace where the
information come from.

Installation Help

Setup instruction
How to install and uninstall GenoPro.

Command line installation
Options to install GenoPro without user intervention. Useful for mass deployment over
a network.

Video Help

This is a collection of video tutorials to help you using GenoPro.



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