Fun or creepy? This new camera can identify people and decide for itself when to…


Fun or creepy? This new camera can identify people and decide for itself when to record videos.

(via BBC Technology News)



  1. I prefer to use my own will and intelligence to find out when and if I want to take a photo. I don’t need a pre choice from a technical gadget nor do I need to add surprise moments from a camera. So: thanks but no 🤷‍♀️ never!

  2. I like the idea. I hate pulling my camera out for things. I’d rather live the moment instead of trying to record or take a picture of it. Even though I’d love to have both. This lets you have both

  3. I’ll be cooler I’m actually make this software it will recognize your face then links it to your Facebook account , help stalkers and theives steal your id
    Quicker and faster..

    Dont care about your feelings

  4. The camera decides??? Just imagine car with same intelligence, you are with new date and the car decides to drive to your ex’s, you are planning to go to wedding but end up at funeral, xxx shop, you are back from lunch and the car decides to take you for another lunch since it can be hacked, that would be real funny movie

  5. I’d rather be in control of when the device is recording rather than have it activated, and completely forget that its activated, then have someone go through the videos and see me moving about in the kitchen late at night, shirtless, and swigging milk from the jug. 😀

  6. My mobile phone has two cameras, face recognition technology and you never know whether the camera is taking pictures and films or not. Oh, and by the way, it also comes with a microphone. Now that’s even more creepy!

  7. Question: who is going to watch all these clips and videos? …relatives. …at what point do people wear tiny go-pro cameras and film everything?…. get a life and live already.

  8. Why do we get this narrative pushed on us that everything must be recorded? That everything must be shared? Life is ephemeral, and complicated enough besides, we don’t need another gadget to remind us of our own mortality later.

  9. Novel and interesting idea. U buy a camera and a maybe professional photographer together. U don’t need to freeze everyone to take a memorable shots. But, it is hard to trust this device at the moment. Maybe hacker(s) also enjoys watching your videos or photos with u, the same issue that we have now with an embedded webcam on PC. For safety of customers, Google may design a physical cover to install on lens. Besides, customers should use the device wisely because they can put their privacy in danger. Thanks 🙂


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