Five numbers that explain the US border crisis.


Five numbers that explain the US border crisis.



  1. Someone or organization is not telling these people the truth and charging them thousands of dollars to take them to the border where they face the unexpected. Very sad.

  2. As an American I pay my taxes and my taxes should be to help my country!! We owe China trillions and we need to pay them back!! We also need to feed our hungry, clothe and house our homeless and educate our children!! I’m a single mother and I do not get any tax breaks!!

  3. #the_ministry_fails_its_promises
    #Le ministère ne tient pas ses promesses
    #Le ministre ment
    #Les professeurs prolongent la grève

  4. it is complex, but the money is available to solve it, just sitting in offshore accounts instead of being used to rebuild our country and our neighbors in the hemisphere.

  5. Also 70,000. The number of people who pass through the san ysidro crossing daily. So one years worth of asylum seekers is around 2 days worth of border crossers at one location. That doesn’t sound like a crisis to me.


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