Fayose Questions Buhari’s Competence Over Comment About IGP The governor of Ek…


Fayose Questions Buhari’s Competence Over Comment About IGP

The governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, on Monday wondered if President Muhammadu Buhari is aware of aware of things happening around him and indeed, across the country.
Governor Fayose said this while reacting to claim by President Muhammadu Buhari earlier in the day in Benue.

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  1. This man has been doing Orubebe but Buhari has been doing Jega with him. He wants attention but Baba never has his time. Fayose wants to know whether Buhari knows about his existence.

  2. It is clear this buhari we see is a long spent force, weak,fatigued,confused, caged and deserving of retirement to tend to his health and troubles associated with old age.

  3. Hausa have totally failed this country, especially this Buhari’s administration! Those minority have disappointed Nigerians while being given opportunity! Let’s try Igbo for once or Yoruba again because OBJ performance outweighed this Fulani doll called President!

  4. Fayose, agbro elder, a village palmy tapper who are you to question the competence of a retired general? Imagine Fayose, whose behaviour depicted him as the most incompetent, intolerant, disrespectful, barbaric, undiplomatic, unsuitable and unqualified to be a governor, though by accident anyway.

  5. Our problem is not Buhari himself but buharist. Even if Buhari confess to be the killer of their father, they will say its because their father was not their real father

  6. Senior Man @Great Fayose, I remember vividly that you warned them never to vote for Buhari but they refused out of ignorant..

    No wonder Bible says that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..

  7. I doubt it much, if buhari realy understand his wife and rest of his family members…WHO IS IGP? And appointed him in there? OH ALLAH 4GIVE OUR MESSED UP AND CHANGE THIS CHANGE WITH MUST PREPARED ONE…NIGERIAN is being hijacked by men with no ideas…

  8. How on earth will a president say he doesn’t know about the activities of his IGP. Gosh why make such a statement in this 21st century. Just go get it PVC folks, that’s if the incompetent man will let our vote count

  9. I earlier Posted last Month that Mr. President should change any Disfunction System in this Country. Almost All of Chief Security are from North but why is it that Insurgency is in the increase in the Northern part of Nigeria?

  10. How would you be aware when all day, you keep silent on crucial matter, Nigerians that voted you should be blamed for this calamity…
    This is the envident of voting an Aboki, a religion fanatics, and a nepotism into position of power..

  11. Iam not a fan of fayose in anyway, but the truth is the truth, irrespective of who says it… Can you be a man of the house and not know what’s happening around your home?
    A number one citizen of the state, and a retired general gave orders to IG and the orders were flagrantly disobeyed!!!
    For those in support of this illogical statement made by Mr President, you need a brain reset!
    I rest my case.

  12. There are a lot of things the president is unaware of or may claim to be unaware of or will not want to be aware of…Our president that is for all and is for nobody.

  13. Is it a crime to be honest? He could have covered IGP up. Its obvious that Nigerians hardly obey simple directives in every quarters. You must follow them up else they do their wish..

  14. Buhari has good intention, but the guy is just tired and old, which is affecting his day to day activities and decision making, Jonathan had to go as a result of blunder mistake he made while in office, if we could not provide a sound mind to stand for election, Buhari was the only upright man we had then, so stop complaining about the and face the reality of allowing vagabonds/crooks to be your political leaders

  15. It is rather unfortunate that a country with over 100 million intellectual citizens has been reduced to this state of caricature in the eyes of the international community and the committee of nations by this our so called leader. Leadership is about responsibility , competence, control, supervision and bravery. Common sense should have brazenly guided our president on what to publicly say, act or do in every circumstances, even the one he found himself. Spare us this ridicule, sir.

  16. Otom misinformed the president IGP was in guma and other flash points for more than 4 days as widely reported by the media ….. Some politicians are terrible liars

    We all supposed to be attacking Otom for mischievously misinforming the President

  17. Buhari(hardship),has nothing to offer Nigerians but hardship. That’s what Nigerians are experiencing now.its only Ekiti people that know the meaning of APC,that was why they stood against it


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