Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg came under serious pressure from US senators – th…


Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg came under serious pressure from US senators – these are the toughest questions he faced.



  1. God create our earth and think our earth is flat. “four angels standing upon the four corners of the earth, Jesus went to a mountain so high he could see all the kingdoms of the earth”.

  2. I really don’t get all this people attacking and hating Mark’s Facebook and still having an account …. better: complaining about it using the FB platform! 🙄

  3. Senator: How will I know if my Facebook account is protected?

    Mark Zuckerberg: Type BFF in comment. If it appears green, your account is protected. If not change your account password immediately. 😂

  4. Love the people who complain about FB and tell us how bad it is for all of us, by commenting on Facebook (the tool they daily use all day long)… Schizophrenia or DID?

  5. If you guys want a privacy, why are you even on Facebook? Stop sharing each and everything you do on Facebook or Instagram or Google, whatsoever. I think Internet only knows the information what we have provided it.

  6. He had no pressure at all. Most questions were irrelevant and unfocused. He did fine. The congress showed a massive lack of understanding on the matter. Pathetic.

  7. A company has 25k people employees working however when someone needs to answer anything in front of a group of senators he will stand there alone.

    When you make a fair statement that you need to follow up on a question with your team, the sensible explanation is because you have 25k people working for you and you can’t posibly know everything they are doing, not because you are dodging the question.

    Does this senator knows there are more than 600 million websites in the internet?

  8. Every time someone clicks one of those surveys “ Who secretly in love with you” “ what should be your real profession” “ which country should you have been born in” “ name your top 10 movies” every time you do one of these and click the button giving the company permission to have access your Facebook profile, you are giving away all your data to a third party.
    Stop doing surveys 😊

  9. Yesterday I googled architects on my PC for the first time – ever. Last night on Facebook on my iPad I got an advert for architect services. Coincidence? I fear it’s not. My cookies on the PC were read BY Facebook and fed into the maws of the beast. THAT is the bigger problem. ‘Personal data’ is one thing. But tracking my cookies on all my devices is much more invasive. Can a senator ask Mr Zuckerberg about that, please?

  10. The US governments criticism of Facebook sharing information is nothing short of complete hypocrisy. Governments spy on their citizens, hold information regarding political sway, even tap phones.

  11. Because of Facebook millions of us able to connect to the people we love and we hate all over the world. So we should be thankful to this man for doing so? God bless you and your family Mr. Mark Zuckerberg!!!

  12. It was like watching Mark Zuckerberg visiting an OAP retirement home and trying to explain what the internet is to pensioners 😂
    And today we have people on Facebook whinging about cookies like it’s brand new and Facebook invented the concept.

  13. At first, I really didn’t care about these privacy stuffs because I don’t upload personal or private info much on social media knowing that they aren’t very private at all. What rings the bell is the “coincidence” that when I like something or search for something, a similar ad or topic pops up a split second somewhere after I’m done with the former search.

  14. Just to clear it up for everyone, most websites use a plugin called Facebook pixel which sees what you do on most of the internet and sends it to Facebook, so then those companies can target you with ads. Facebook ads are also driven by your friends, so if you like someone’s content a lot it will.show you the same things. furthermore, around close friends birthdays it will show you things that person likes.

  15. It’s almost as if he was unprepared, or maybe those senators were just that good. And I like how BBC edited and made this clip, it’s short enough to not be boring and long enough to express all essential messages, plus the highlights.

    I think many people aren’t taking this seriously since we’re all thinking we’re unaffected, we’re not the victims, no harm’s done. I don’t care if someone gets access to everything I’ve ever put into my Facebook, sure, go ahead.

    But, this doing, this principle, if we choose to tolerate it, if we decide to allow it to happen, in the big picture it can lead to colossal catastrophe. Now Facebook, world’s biggest social media platform failed to protect its billions users’ privacy, what if Google is next?

  16. This was bread and circuses…pantomime.
    None of the agencies or companies who are using your data are in that dock.
    Including CIA, FBI, MI5, NSA.
    He’s a multi-billionaire…and you think that’s from you using a free platform and a bit of targeted advertising?
    He can be the scapegoat, now, because it detracts from the real issue.
    The damage is done.

    Even more worrying, Google has ALL your data and can listen in to conversations, read emails and texts, take photo and vids from your device, even when you aren’t using it.
    They also own a military robotics division in Boston Dynamics.
    Oh, the joys of the 21st Century….

  17. If you can’t trust the BBC,….who can you trust? It is really bad. Journalists are here to get attention to attract people to there websites (to earn money), and they blame Facebook??

  18. The hotel question was one of many that totally missed the point. Funnier still were the questions asked by those who did not understand what they were asking, or the answer they received. A nice easy afternoon for Zuckerberg after he walked in looking terrified.

  19. To be clear, this was a third party app that people willingly clicked on, then clicked the ok button when it asked for permission to access their account, then shared for others to click. This country is getting notoriously good at misplacing blame. Ads keep it free, whether they’re tailored for me or not, I just scroll by them. My political affiliation is not swayed by what I see on Facebook. I research everything. I don’t put any information in my profile that isn’t readily available anywhere else. This is being blown way out of proportion and they are questioning the wrong person.

  20. So… Mark Zuckerberg goes to court and millions of people pledge not to use facebook, because the tool he created, was used by people to allegedly sway political opinions (to an unknown extend, but most likely not significantly). Leading to people demanding changes in regulations and laws…

    But when a weapons manufacturer produces a tool, that is used in a mass murder… People decide that it is the person using the tools fault, and not the tool itself…? And no change in regulations or law is needed…?

    Priorities America?

  21. Interesting how they painted this. They cut out that little bit where he corrects himself saying that he hasn’t to his awareness, gotten a subpoena.

    Also, if you actually watch it, he annihilated every answer almost trouble free, to the point that when a break was suggested, he cheerily wanted them to bring it on, giving them another 15 minutes, no problemo.

    This is because you’re getting ancient congresspeople with little clue as to how Facebook works to ask all the questions, which were notably the same questions over and over again in different words, for four hours. There were some good questions, that he responded with good answers. Nobody caught him out or made him choke. In fact, the only hesitations in his answers at all were ones that he was confused about needing to answer yet again, having said it at least 3 or 4 times to other senators just a few minutes earlier, OR questions that were so simplistic and amateur that he wasn’t sure how to answer without patronising them.

    But I guess all that’s important is that he looks tired and said sorry.

  22. SO after they get done with FB, Twitter, and Google, I wonder how tough they will be on the NSA? I guess that will be OK though because their Favorite excuse will be….. National Security. Yeah….Right …….


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