“Excuse me but I have to say this, he even smeared his faeces on our embassy’s w…


“Excuse me but I have to say this, he even smeared his faeces on our embassy’s walls.”

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno talks about revoking Julian Assange’s asylum.

Assange’s lawyer accuses Ecuador of “outrageous allegations”: https://bbc.in/2Gs4EDv



  1. There is something definitely weird with the subtitles, as the President of Ecuador never says anything about “smearing faeces” in the first 30 seconds of the interview…

  2. He managed to order spy cameras, presumably sign for them at the embassy’s front door and then put them up so he could spy on people who’ve been spying on him for 7 years? All this without anyone noticing? Really?

  3. I speak Spanish and the president of Ecuador said NOTHING about feces being smeared on the walls…..like didn’t even say the word “poop” in any way shape or form in that clip. He was just talking about Assange’s behavior.

    Does the BBC not have a single Spanish speaking person that can accurately translate Spanish to English?

  4. Wikileaks editor said they removed all his devices over a year ago and that after the staff had been replaced they upgraded all cameras with high teck video and sound..all this evidence was sent to wikileaks editor …someone in Spain was trying to extort 3 million euros from wikileaks …the previous ambassador also supported JA…this is all just BS…more propaganda


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