#EXCLUSIVE: How NGOs Bribe IDPs In Adamawa To Stay In Camps So They Can Remain …


#EXCLUSIVE: How NGOs Bribe IDPs In Adamawa To Stay In Camps So They Can Remain In Business

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Massive corruption has been uncovered in the activities of some humanitarian agencies operating at the Malkohi internally displaced persons camp in Yola, Adamawa State.

SaharaReporters has discovered corrupt dealings by many of the non-governmental organisations operating in the area, who now adopt different strategies to exploit IDPs for illicit gains.



  1. We all know BOKO HARAM is a “flourishing business” in the north. This is why they aren’t praying for it to stop anytime soon. Security agencies, traditional leaders, NGOs, politicians, etc are all involved.

  2. I wouldn’t know how God’ll judge some people with different Acts of selfishness and Greed.
    Even if someone is on Comma or at the point of death , some people would still Find thier own waYs to benefit themselves with different act of Corruptions.
    Nigerians are killing Nigerians GraduallY.

  3. must the so called IDP be enslave for life, no matter how poor, home is home, is better they go back home, pick there pieces nd continue on a new live, rather than to die as IDP beyond there homes. anyway they eat free food an hv no feelings of scarcity of cash. iyen na a da.

  4. IDP is synonymous with North. None in the East even as they paint an imaginary war of Python Dance/Crocodile Smile.
    They hypocritically despise corruption and indiscipline, but buried in it.


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