Environmentalists claim the world’s plastic waste over one year would circle the…


Environmentalists claim the world’s plastic waste over one year would circle the Earth four times over. But is that true? 🌍




  1. Lord God here I put in a walk over the bulded high tower with a helicopter at night in the Almighty name of our Lord God Jesus Christ. Amen #stick_em_up_you_sharks. Amen #M16. Amen #Mrs. Grey. Amen #helicopters_at_night_on_high_buildings. Amen

  2. Strange question to fixate on. I wouldn’t be surprised if a single package of straws could circle the Earth if you stretched them out small enough. (Essentially invisible.) But even if they can’t, the question is absurdly trivial. Whatever the answer is, it’s still a lot of plastic.

  3. Question: How much plastic and other trash is in our oceans because of tsunamis ? Why totally blame the human race . Maybe invent more biodegradable products that’s the answer. We have geniuses all over the world. Think tank .

  4. Shut down the factorys that make the plastic, stop making plastic full stop, it’s not rocket science, people/politics are quick to make decisions about others so why is it it so hard to make one about our environment, our planet comes first not politics!

  5. Why doesn’t some enterprising business compact the plastic to turn into sectional houses? Surely it would lessen the impact on the environment, while making relatively cheap and easy to construct homes for the growing population around the world? 🤔

  6. Seriously! Who the hell cares!!! It needs globally banning same as CFCs were, not hiding in roads, buildings, etc what exists needs to be recycled, and no more made!!

    It’s entering the food chains, I’m hoping I can adapt with climate change, but without food and water I can’t adapt to anything!

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