Entertainment Daily honours Jade’s greatest legacy…


Entertainment Daily honours Jade’s greatest legacy…



  1. My heart is breaking ,she wasn’t perfect ,she made mistakes,but when she knew she wasn’t going to see her boys grew up she did everything she could to give her boys some wonderful memories

  2. Jade was such a lovely person she thought so much of her boys if only she could see them now she would be so proud of them and the way there dad has brought them up and we’ll done to jeff xxx

  3. It happens to a lot of people. We all lose people and its very sad but everyone has to move on and a lot of people lead normal lives, not in the public eye to get sympathy.

  4. Who hasn’t made mistakes ? We all have thanks to jade a lot of women were saved from cervical cancer by going for their smears. Her boys will be so proud of their mum xx

  5. Jade opened the eyes of many people including medical professionals who then looked to help younger ladies like myself in getting tested and getting treatment. Bless you jade you gave me my life and the chance to see my babies grow up. Thank you

  6. Jade was a lovely beautiful person loved her so sad that she’s not here to see her beautiful boys she would of been so proud of them Jeff you have done a great job bringing them up so well xx RIP beautiful ❤️

  7. Loved jade goody,followed her story on tv when she was dying,absolutely heartbreaking,very brave young lady,shed be so proud of her kids and Geoff brazier,done good bringing the 2 boys up.


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