Electric cars like this are powering a whole island while making money for the p…


Electric cars like this are powering a whole island while making money for the people who drive them 🚗 🤑

(via BBC Science News)



  1. This is best way to be free of pollution free environment & encourage electric cars as much as possible. This is the only way to keep or future green & healthy.

  2. It was interesting that although the trial obviously involved Renault and was on a Portuguese island, the charging point displays were all in English. So, I assume a UK or US company was also involved.

  3. For this to operate for most vehicles in the UK, the country would need to double the current output of the National Grid, so someone in Govt needs to get their skates on to get the movement rolling!

  4. Great idea, especially when you go out to your car first thing in the morning and you only have 10% battery left because the grid ate it overnight. Lol #neverheardsuchshitinmylife

  5. Imagine if homes could do that as well, all that roof surface could be a huge solar panel and the house would feed energy back into the grid especially in the parts where am from. The sun shines in plenty abundance

  6. Vehicle to grid. Amazing tech. If you have questions on electric cars, or you’re unsure of something, whether it be the range, the time to charge, or any usage of an electric vehicle, please feel free to ask here and I and other EV drivers will be happy to respond.

  7. Electric vehicles are not pollution free as it creates a lot of pollution to make and recycle the batteries. Ie extracting the materials to make the batteries for the cars.


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