‘Don’t Give Up On Our Nation’ — Jonathan Sends Easter Message To Christians | Sa…


‘Don’t Give Up On Our Nation’ — Jonathan Sends Easter Message To Christians | Sahara Reporters

“I, therefore, urge us not to give up on our ourselves and our nation no matter the challenges that confront us today. At all times we must remain resolute on our love for God and our nation and work towards building a country that we can all be proud of.”

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  1. Who is Jonathan again? He should tell that to his family. If Nigeria is a working country, what happened to former Peruvian President yesterday should have happened to this one too

  2. After destroying our Blessed country Nigeria

    Tell Your oil and Gas self Exiled Minister in your Corrupted Regime Mr MADUAKE to come back to Nigeria & face justice for her worse crimes against Nigerian poor in the history of mankind!

    And above all to returned all Billions of Dollars stocked in all Europe and America banks!

    Inclusive Jonathan wife !
    Who was not a member of Jonathan government but stole the poor masses wealth and money to please herself and clans
    Enough is Enough!

    Is a pity !
    That USA & UK don’t want Buhari to Jail Jonathan!

    For peace to reign in Nigeria
    But Jonathan and his corrupt clans must only day pay for their crimes against humanity in Nigeria

  3. Is that the reason why you mismanaged the country so badly by allowing looters to steal the country blind? We tried to warn you the first two weeks of your administration when you came to Washington D.C but “NO” you were to busy running to meet Obama. Haaaaaa ioi rolling on the floor Too little and too late

  4. A quintessential gentleman, The world’s number one living, peace Ambassador, a Sublime emblem of Democracy, A True democrat, An unalloyed Patriot, A rare African, Nigeria’s Priceless gift to the world (of competition without rancour, and bloodless ambition) My President Emeritus, GEJ, PRESIDENT OF PRESIDENTS

    HAPPY EASTER to you and your family
    Happy Easter to all Nigerians

  5. I disagree with you sir. You have allowed us to face this tyrant even when his people rejected him severally. We are now facing untold hardship and nepotism that has fade off in the this country. Revolution is the way forward as it’s seen in other countries of Africa

  6. FFK wrote…

    In 1914 Lord Frederick Lugard, the British Governor-General of Nigeria, described northern Nigeria as the “poor husband” and southern Nigeria as the “rich wife”.

    He went further by boldly proclaiming the marriage of the two regions by British fiat and declared, without consultation with either of the two “spouses”, that this was a marriage that had “no prospects of divorce” and that “would last forever”.

    Ever since then and for the better part of the last 104 years the “rich southern wife” has been enslaved, raped, sodomised, insulted, humiliated, devalued, demystified, rubbished, bound in chains, cheated and treated with the utmost contempt and disdain by a rappacious and insatiable “poor northern husband” who has no sense of restraint, decency, fairness and or compassion.

    The south, plagued with a notoriously timid, weak, pitiful, ignorant, confused, shortsighted, cowardly and irredeemably pliant set of leaders, have proved, over the last 58 years, to be wholly incapable of engendering any form of unity or collective purpose and of standing up to northern arrogance, bondage and captivity.

    They have all failed woefully and their inexplicably docile, indolent and stoic disposition remains the greatest obstacle to southern emancipation till today. As a matter of fact the leadership of the north continuosly thanks God for their lack of understanding, weakness, cowardice and divided ranks.

    You do not have to behave like the pliant and subserviant rich wife simply because a cruel, misguided and self-serving British mercenary and colonial officer described you as one 104 years ago.

    If the north had been the rich partner and had been blessed with oil and the south were its burden, its leaders would have had the courage to break out of forced marriage take their zone out of Nigeria long ago.

    Sadly southern leaders have always lacked the vision, courage and ability to make such a move. Instead all they do is silently whine and grumble behind closed doors about northern domination.

    I make bold to say that one of the greatest disservices to southern Nigeria and indeed the black man in the history of the world was the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates of Nigeria by the British in 1914.

    This was a forced marriage of ethnic, religious and cultural incompatibles and there has been little peace between the two ever since. From day one it was a mistake and a failure and it remains a mistake and a failure till today. Lord Lugard and his wife Flora Shaw, who gave Nigeria its name, must both be laughing in their graves.

    There you have it. I have spoken the minds of millions even though few are prepared to say it publicly.

  7. Jonathan was a good man.but he over watch his cabinet stealing and give percentage of money as a return to his wife Pacient who happen to be richer than Jonathan.

  8. But can’t forget those days in primary school, what our teacher restated in our mind’ Hope for better Nigeria’ and ‘we are leaders of tomorrow’ till date we are still waiting, but seems like the names I heard those days in politics keep being same set of people now. Even a blind man knows that Nigeria can never work out.


  9. Jonathan deserve respect he is the first person in Nigerian polities to accept vanquish. He love Nigeria in hearts always calling people to be tolerance. Not loss hope Nigeria will be great. When so ever splendid person emerged from any parts of the country. Said it out, he is a good person. Don’t abuse him because of hatred and sentiment.

  10. Thank you my president but the nation has nothing to offer any more and no hope for common man. We are living a life of uncertainty so we have given up because the country has no elasticity again

  11. The all time best Nigerian politician, i have learned my great mistake having calling you a clueless president during your time at office. Cos Nigeria was a better country at your time and it’s dilapidated in your absent, you are the hero of our time and you earn my respect. May Allah bless you

  12. Good message sir. But sincerely you have answer to give to Patriotic Nigerians on how before your own very eye your petroleum minister embazled billions of dollars belonging to this country and as well your national security adviser diverted billions of dollars meant to buy arms to prosecute the war against insurgency while innocent Nigerians were being killed in the North. It is an embarrssemt to every right thinking man that after almost six years you spent in Aso Villa today your own brothers and sisters from the South South are still crying for marginalisation , lack of electricity and good water.


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