‘Doctors said I would’ve had 10 days left.’ Clare almost died from drinking too…


‘Doctors said I would’ve had 10 days left.’

Clare almost died from drinking too much. She now wants guidance and labelling on alcoholic products to be clearer to help save lives.




  1. You shouldn’t expect to experience no consequences from drinking 4-5 glasses of wine EVERY day 🙄. That’s asking for liver problems. Get a healthier un-winding habit if it takes that much to help you relax.

  2. So much judgement here. Alcoholism is an illness. This lady has addressed the issue and is trying to help others. Please guys, if you can’t say something helpful, don’t say anything at all.

  3. This was the most non-article I have watched in weeks. I felt like I was blacking out watching it due to its lack of continuity of speech from both of them. It didn’t say how long she had been drinking for, nor how big the glasses were. Cool video, thanks for sharing.

  4. That’s great but we all know too much drink is bad for the liver !! Yes it is an illness but most people know if it’s every day it’s a problem ! But I gladly welcome clearer labels x

  5. Good for her for not touching a drop after realising her problem.
    I met a young mum on a hospital ward who was being treated for emphysema and kept nipping out for a cigarette. She had young children and I felt so sorry for them.

  6. Unfortunately I heard about a young relative who is drinking herself into an early grave. I am in another state and she would not listen to me anyway but her older sister died of cirrhosis last year. It’s like they have a death wish. They are told to stop but won’t. Sje has so much to live for, 3 sons. Why?

  7. Guys, alcohol seriously is a mental illness. Nobody drinks themselves to that point while remaining consciously stronger than urges which come from underlying, untreated mental struggles.

    Please stop judging. It’s a very ‘see you next Tuesday’ thing to do.

  8. Is she serious?!? No amount of labelling is going to have stopped her from being 10 days from death. Everyone knows alcohol isn’t a healthy choice regardless of how much you drink and if someone is an alcoholic there are far greater things going on in their lives that led them to that point than a lack of warnings on the bottles 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Being an alcoholic, is an illness 😥😥 but anyone knows too much alcohol, is not good for your health, even though, bottles, etc, do say, about units. Yes, i am so glad, she turned her life around, but ffs, she knew how much is too much!

  10. Where does individual responsibility come into play – she didn’t know that a bottle or more of wine every day might have negative consequences even if she didn’t think she was an alcoholic or was a functioning one?? Not buying that…

  11. If you are an alcoholic a warning won’t help. And I’m sorry but how can anyone not understand alcohol in large quantities is dangerous? We spend huge amounts of time telling kids this stuff, I don’t think I had a single school year past the age of 12 without at least 2 presentations on this. Also alcohol always has warnings to drink responsibly all around it and on it. Is that not normal outside of Canada and the US?

  12. She had the choice to drink the alcohol, no one forced her to drink it, it’s her own fault not the lack of warnings on the bottle, every one knows that too much alcohol causes problems to health!!! 🤦‍♀️

  13. Sorry, but it has been made clear for many years what a unit of alcohol is and it’s not the responsibility of others (including the drinks industry) to help you understand. I wish you the best in your recovery, I really do – but I think the vast majority of people know that drinking that much alcohol is not healthy.

  14. Wow. Change labeling because of a woman who over drinks because there were not pictures of a liver? There are warnings about the myriad dangers of over consumption for both the long and short term. This lady needs to learn some accountability instead of claiming ignorance

  15. I lost two cousins (brothers) in 3 months, one was through drinking and the other, drinking escalated his condition. Both were in their early 50’s and their mum (my aunt) is still alive. She is broken-hearted.
    The other side of drink is it wrecks family life, a lot of domestic violence is down to drink or drugs,.

  16. Peeeeeopleeee, she has been a HEAVY DRINKER until she almost died!!!
    It was and still is her own responsibility to educate herself – the labeling couldn’t be any clearer, all the data is there: concentration, units of alcohol, how many units / bottle,…
    Now, BBC, please don’t do this, do not make all drinkers look innocent, please be the same serious company you have always been!

    ALCOHOL has been arround for ages, we all know what effects is produces (just like the cigarettes) and the consuming option is eveyone’s choice….
    Please do not defend this woman just because she said she did not know about the effects… off course she knew and she enjoyed it ….too much, really 🙁 !

  17. The bottle of wine I’m looking at says 10.1 units on the back.

    The information is there.

    I wish he’d challenged her. She needs to be honest with herself if she’s going to maintain her sobriety.

  18. How is it the wine maker’s fault that she drank too much? Let’s be real. EVERYBODY knows drinking too much harms your liver. People just look for ways to displace blame when they make bad decisions. I wish her luck and good health, but she needs to admit that she was the one to blame for her problem- not the label on her wine bottle.

  19. I feel sorry for her struggle, but she’s inappropriately deflecting blame away from herself in a misguided attempt to ease her own psyche. Bless her heart.


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