Do you throw food away after meals? Are you cooking too much? Here’s our handy g…


Do you throw food away after meals? Are you cooking too much?
Here’s our handy guide to portion size… using just your hands. 👌 🍝

(Via BBC Lifestyle & Health News)



  1. Funny, my generation (boomers) rarely do this, in my experience. Probably because it was drummed into us by our parents who had experienced wartime rationing that you only take what you need and then you eat it all.

  2. Portion size is relative to daily physicality not just if ones preparing for a marathon. A more physical job requires more energy, but during weekends/holidays of no physical work and less physical activity, food portions should be reduced, but commonly are not.

  3. Try changing the colour of plate you eat your food off. White plates make you think you have eaten more, Red or darker colour plates make you eat more because you can not see portion sizes proportionally, if you know wot i mean?.

  4. you may cook too much once, or twice. But if it happened for the 3rd time in a row, you were wasting your BRAIN weren’t you? No need hand-measuring or anything, just learn from your ‘history’ and use brain to THINk when cooking

  5. I have rarely thrown away food, I buy the ingredients for meals I plan to cook for the week and my mum made me leave my plate empty as a child so I continue to do that as an adult. My portion sizes are bigger than average but they’re almost always finished. Plan and think about the amount of ingredients.

  6. I do use my hand as a guide for food, and I do give this advice for others who don’t want a diet, but still want to eat everything, and tell people what are good foods to eat ect

  7. I am not that much afraid that people cook too much… 90 percent use the leftovers or freeze it. The problems are the daily leftovers at backeries, restaurants and shops. These are thrown away. They could feed the homeless or those who haven’t got enough money. Or… in case of restaurants …provide the food for the animals of a local farmer. Instead it is thrown away and even getting it out of the waste is stealing.

  8. I keep any left overs carefully and in a clean manner ,maybe refrigerated till it is finished ! I don’t cook too much ,it’s just that family members don’t turn up suddenly for meals because they have to entertain people,or it takes too long to come back home in a megacity !

  9. I am a boomer and grew up learning to cook for 9. Then got married and always cooked too much. Now I cook for one and rarely have leftovers unless its soup from the crockpot or roasted chicken. My throwaway food footprint is very low. Yay!!!


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