Did MPs really decide that animals don’t have feelings? (Warning: This video co…


Did MPs really decide that animals don’t have feelings?

(Warning: This video contains images of animal cruelty which some of you may find distressing) (via BBC Politics)



  1. BBC again, misleading headline, then the article is totally different. why do you try to get people enraged? what do you gain from taking advantage of the fact people only really read the headline?

    im glad i dont pay anything toward this

  2. Was there really any reason not to just make the EU animal rights part of UK law though? Many commentators say UK law doesn’t include sentience, nor does it protect all animals. Happy that Gove will look into it, but the new laws should have been ready before we ditched these ones.

  3. The government posted a video regarding animal rights, and if what they say is true it will be a huge foot forward for animal rights in the UK but until I’ve seen it with my own eyes I won’t believe it.

  4. I have seen more emotion and empathy in my dog’s eyes than I ever saw in some humans I know. I have been told he waited for me by the door to return when I left. He is joyous when I return. When I have been sick, he has come to my lap to comfort me. The only other time I’ve felt that level of unconditional love was from and FOR my child. So, the person claiming animals don’t have emotions – likely needs to take a good, long look in the mirror.

  5. The Tories voted against it and I wouldn’t believe two faced Gove. The government are even considering allowing US food into the UK, even though it is not produced to UK and EU standards. Just so they have a trade deal. You could almost think the BBC think we should believe the government. We aren’t that stupid.

  6. We humans keep fotgetting one very important thing We come the animal Kingdom ourselves We get hurt easily We can easily starve to death if we have no food We need to get medical help if we become. In We like beimg loved and cherished and all other members of the same amimal kingdom sre thr same To downgrade any animal so that it does not matter anymore is so wrong We must respect our cousins. In all of the amimal world

  7. It is really concerning that supposedly trustworthy sources are reporting news so poorly. I would add that there are concerns that the Animal Welfare Act referred to in your piece falls far short of the EU law in its scope so the concerns about what this vote may mean could be justified. I question what the issue is with simply adopting the existing EU law? Was there something it prevents that warranted the debate?

  8. The tories are taking us back years, animal welfare, dignity and human rights of the disabled, no safety net for our most vulnerable, NHS cut to the bone, police, ambulance…..the list is endless. They have taken all the things we as a nation was proud of and literally sh** on it because none of these things are “profitable” and don’t benefit them in any way. When are the British public going to wake up!! Tories don’t care!! If they can let human beings die then they are not going to worry about the feelings of animals.

  9. Not being funny, was the clarification needed? As far as I see it, if animal sentience is already covered in UK law (as this video suggests) and Gove is planning on strengthening laws when Brexit happens (again, as this video suggests) then why did they need to vote the EU law out? Keep it, if it really makes little difference (I’m seriously sceptical, but will go along with it just for now) then why was a vote even required, it wouldn’t (apparently) make much difference, so instead of wasting all this time and effort, just keep it. The fact they had to have this vote, and they voted it out says to me it does make a difference, everything Conservatives are trying to do with animals at the moment (hunting, badger culls, etc) goes against animal welfare, as does this move. However you read this situation, they have voted against animals having sentience, even after “clarification” I still feel the same, as it didn’t need to come out. Pointless waste of time.

  10. Our current laws do not go far enough, it is not law that animals are sentient beings at the moment here. This needs to be sorted quickly or there will be a lot of votes lost. I think they are so out of touch they need to get a grip.

  11. Tory MPs did vote that animals dont have feelings, its in Hansard. Gove says its either covered elsewhere (its not, why else did campaigners go to the EU in the first place?) or that he will fix it. I’m not convinced a party that wants to bring back fox hunting will do that. There was no need to oppose the legislation passing into UK law unless you oppose animal welfare in some way.

  12. Michael Gove will strengthen animal welfare rules? Isn’t he a part of the party that wants to continue Fox hunting? Looking at his voting record (https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/11858/michael_gove/surrey_heath/votes) he almost invariably follows his parties’ policies … including voting to cull badgers to prevent bovine TB.

    So that’d be selective animal welfare, biased toward those of economic benefit then. Which has nothing to do with the actual animals’ welfare at all, but rather their owners.

  13. If the UK adopts EU laws now, it will mean more work rewriting them for Brexit, so it doesn’t make sense to adopt them no matter how good they are. I guess all Labour really want is to make it more difficult for the government and hopefully win an election on the back of it. Plus make it look like Tories are animal haters and they are animal lovers. Bit cynical of them really.

  14. This outright pot stirring. Animal welfare in the UK already covers the rights of animals. Why do they need to get embroiled once again in the EU laws that are only just addressing the animal rights that are sorely disregarded by several EU countries. Spain being one of them. Using the word sentient is really pushing the envelope as it implies that meat eaters per se are nothing more than cannibals. Animals deserve our respect in terms of habitat, care, feed and general welfare. The laws already provide that but there are still those who cut corners and will continue to do so. Perhaps the better focal point should be on fox hunting!

  15. I’m not sure I’m happy to have Gove in charge of animal welfare. I don’t think the animals would take priority. And I’d like to se exactly what is “already enshrined in Uk Law”. I doubt people would have reacted in this way if they knew we had it covered anyway. I think lots of us fear that EU laws protecting all sorts of rights etc will be lost or watered down post Brexit. It’s why we voted against it!

  16. What a patronising little video.
    Whilst I agree that it wasn’t a vote on the presence of sentience, it WAS a vote on whether we need more than just our basic Animal Welfare Act (which excludes wildlife and non-domesticated animals).
    The EU law IS flawed as it makes exceptions for ‘cultural traditions’ (hence bullfighting isn’t covered) BUT it uses sentience as a baseline for creating policy, making it a constant consideration.
    Whilst Gove is keen to declare ‘fake news’, this vote leaves a gaping hole in UK animal welfare which could potentially open doors for trade with the US. The insistence that our animal laws are strong and will be tightened is not enough, new legislation needs to be put in place immediately if loopholes are not to be exploited. Adopting Article 13 in the meantime would help this.

  17. A brief but poor bit of work by the BBC. The BBC website has acknowledgements by Gove that it’s not covered by existing legislation, hence the need for new legislation. A reference to a promise to strengthen legislation doesn’t cover this point. Neither does it reference the point that the Government stated it was covered during the debate, which arguably was why MPs voted the way they did.


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