Count APC Out Of N450 Million Bribe Offer To Omisore, Says Oshiomhole | Sahara R…


Count APC Out Of N450 Million Bribe Offer To Omisore, Says Oshiomhole | Sahara Reporters

“It is not an after-thought, because there was negotiation and we had a deal that had to do with the welfare and the governance of Osun State. I didn’t go with tons of money and I didn’t have money to give to anybody. He didn’t ask and there was no basis for him to ask, because we didn’t sponsor him.”




  1. In 2015, those northern zombies were chanting “Ba na so Goodluck Jonathan, ba na so.” Now after seeing that Buhari is q bad choice, they have begun to chant , “Ka huta Baba.” Hehehehe. Una neva see chomtin.

  2. Akuko have said it all via Chanels on 28th sept 2018..only persons that can stand rigging should participate in an election…now I see why they made u the party chairman..evil man

  3. The victory of PDP influenced by the name of it’s leader.
    The performance of the party for becoming SECOND in the recent bye election in Ekiti, Kogi, Katsina, and Bauchi state remained unchanged in Osun state.
    Congratulations Uche Secondus for retaining your position by coming SECOND again in Osun state.
    And, I hope you’ll continue retaining your position come 2019.

  4. Though, I’m not at the meeting but one thing I know that you’re capable of doing is to promised him that you will asked EFCC to dropped charges against him because we didn’t hear anything against Obanikoro concerning Dasukigate since he have joined APC.

  5. That N242bn INEC Budget for 2019 general elections should be used to build ONE Hospital in each of the 36 States of Nigeria while INEC should just go ahead and announce whoever Buhari and his APC want as elected.

    Since they have succeeded in killing democracy, there is no point wasting public fund on predetermined elections.

  6. How can this monkey tell this foolish lie? If you said you didn’t offer him money and post, how come that PDP that went before you were later betrayed not minding he was a former PDP member? Well, it is your gullible followers and supporters that will believe this blatant lie. You people made an offer greater than that of PDP that he had to betray the later. That stolen mandate will be recovered by the grace of GOD.

  7. PDP is confused, they don’t know the kind of accusation to lay that could be genuine. Sometime they say there should be no rerun, sometime they say APC bribe omisore with some chunks of money after there own offer was rejected by the same man, now they are crying rigging of rerun up and down………

  8. LIES LIES LIES…….!!!!!
    If Buhari was a commodity in the market, it would have been banned because it is a bad product.

    Nigeria borrows N2.7trillion in one year to do what? Everything about Buhari is forgery and lies:
    0. Presidency borrows $3.1bn usd for road and railway 7 months to presidential election.
    1. Buhari himself forged waec certificate
    2. His finance minister forged nysc certificate
    3. His ministers forged 25billion dollars nnpc contact, then lied till today.
    4. In Aso rock clinic embezzlement, documents were forged to cover up. Yet deficit was still short of billions.
    5. Buhari himself as protroleum minister till now cut out 50billion naira petroleum account to himself and then forged a cover up. No one can question him on that till now.
    6. Assisted by Buhari, Gov. Bello of kogi with inec, forged signatures of the electorate to recall Dino. Thank God kogi people stood their ground.
    7. They lie about everything, lie about economy, lie about security, lie about electricity, lie about employment, and even lie about jellof rice.
    8. Buhari used 30,000 police officers with Inec officials to rig election in Ekiti for APC.
    9. INEC acts on Buhari’s instruction to cancel election result in Osun state just because Adeleke of PDP won gubernatorial election. Then Buhari sends fayemi of Ekiti to woo Omishore to support APC for a rerun after instructing INEC officials to tear ballot papers of those who voted for Adeleke of PDP.
    10. APC further gave Omisore N450 million to sell his state to APC and he shamefully did so.
    11. They lie about giving ASUU N20bn and ASUU responded immediately to their lie by cautioning to stop the lying.
    11. ETC

    How many jobs has this government been able to create? 7.9milliion Nigerians who were already employed lost their jobs in just 21 months of Buhari’s administration. Undergraduates are not nigeria’s problems. Buhari is nigeria’s problems. He is supposed to be sent back to school to write waec because he doesn’t have a certificate. He has destroyed Nigeria with his bad policies. You cannot transfer the failures of this government on poor people. This is foolishness.

    This is a typical example of how Buhari’s policies has been destroying the country for the past 3 years counting. We have a bunch of clueless individuals in Buhari’s administration. Yet everyday, they boast of their stupidity. What do you expect from a man who cannot produce his waec certificate?

    Buhari and APC have completely destroyed Nigeria with very bad policies. It’s a shame that Kenyan airlines has added to the statistics. They lied to us:

    LIE NUMBER 1: Corruption is responsible for Nigeria’s economy woes.

    The simple question which we all should be asking ourselves is, ‘why is it that EFCC has recovered all these money, from looters, yet nigeria’s economy has not improved and still so bad,? We have all been deceived into believing that it is looted money that is responsible for Nigeria’s economic woes but it is not because one would think that if looted money was recovered, Nigeria’s economy should improve, but this is not the case. The economy is running aground instead. All we do is gabbage in gabage out, swallowing all the lies they tell us, without reasoning. APC has been peddling the lies to the gullible. Meanwhile, EFCC is APC’s mechinery to hunt down all political enemies of Buhari and APC.

    Oil price is the cause of Nigeria’s economic woes.

    They all give low oil price as reason for failed economic policies, but also forgot to mention that Buhari was aware of dynamic oil price before he made the promise to Nigerians that he will make 1 naira = 1 dollar, deceiving Nigerians to get the votes. Secondly they forgot to mention that oil price during past administrations was not static, yet past governments were able to balance dynamic oil prices with good economic policies to buffer the economy, this was the reason Nigeria became the largest economy in Africa. Almost all oil producing country around the world are now stable except the nigerian economy. So you no longer need to wonder why Buhari is compared to GEJ. More than 40 flights have stopped flighing in Nigeria including international flights. Ethiopian airlines wants to buy Arik Air. More than 37 Companies and foreign investors have stopped operation in Nigeria, including the famous tomato factory. In Buhari’s first yr in office, the banking sector and other institutions fired so many employees increasing the percentage of unemployment. CBN rolled out very bad policies that drove investors out of the country which today they (CBN) have reversed, and the list goes on. All these events are not caused by low oil prices. Buhari and his APC government are just a mess. They messed up this country. They destroyed this country with very bad policies.

    Lack of diversification of the economy is responsible for economic woes.

    Yet instead of spending time and resources on diversifying the economy. They go back to look for more oil in Sokoto, Borno, benue states, etc ….that same oil they are blaming as the cause of Nigeria’s economic woes.

    Buhari, APC and FG are liars. They have no viable economic policies to the drive the Nigerian economy.


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