Conservative MP Phillip Lee defects to the Lib Dems, crossing the House of Commo…


Conservative MP Phillip Lee defects to the Lib Dems, crossing the House of Commons during a speech by Boris Johnson.

His move leaves the prime minister with no working majority ahead of a crucial Brexit vote.

(via BBC Politics)



  1. Phillip Lee MP, crossed the floor from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrat’s. His constituents of Bracknell Forest voted 53.9 to 46.1 to LEAVE the EU. That makes 477 MP’s who have the temerity to defy their lawful instruction of his constituents. THIS IS BECOMING INTOLERABLE.

  2. I’m sorry but this cannot be allowed! If they are voted in as a party representative by that constituency.. be it whatever party, if they want to defect to another! Should be a by-election

  3. Well Boris keeps comparing himself to Churchill. Fate gave him a Churchill moment but like Sir Winston Churchill one of his MPs crossed the floor. As it is said: Be careful what you wish for.

  4. It doesn’t matter how many truths, half truths, or simply fabricated truths you Remainer peeps come up with because the fact remains you are still on the moral low ground, and not the moral high ground where I suspect you imagine yourselves to be! The Referendum followed a 15 month debate, – you can hardly say we were not informed, – and the vote to leave was the largest democratic mandate for anything in the history of this Country. It was won entirely against the odds with the entire establishment telling us we had to Remain, the Government spending more than the entire budget for either campaign sending us a booklet presenting only the Remain side of the case, and the Treasury inventing doomsday numbers for the consequences of leaving. Project Fear was, by a distance, the biggest lie in the whole campaign. But, far from accepting the result, you have set out to get it reversed by any means possible. You have been helped in this by the extraordinary ineptitude of Mrs May and the active connivance of Remain supporters in the Government and Civil Service. If you do succeed in getting it reversed that will be the end of democracy in this Country as we know it. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

  5. Reading the comments I still can’t believe that the UK thinks leaving the EU and it’s biggest trading partner in such an acrimonious way is a good thing. Arrogance methinks.

  6. Well, he will be losing his seat if there is a general election if Bracknell voted the same way as they did in the referendum. Bracknell voted a majority to leave and no doubt he won his seat saying he would honor the vote.

  7. Another spanner thrown in the works by a parliament that is obviously not willing to implement the brexit vote. Parliament has failed in its duty to the UK public. Which is why a general election is needed to redefine parliament to truly see where the electorate wants the country to go. Let’s have it and settle this issue once and for all.

  8. There will no doubt be negative consequences for leaving the EU; we’ve seen the pound remain lower in value since 2016 and expected to become even lower post-brexit. Really it’s surprising we’re seeing so few defections and resignations over such a big issue

  9. Reading this article the EU is not going to negotiate the backstop no matter what the prime minister says no attitude total disregard for low if legislation comes into play as Michael Gove said sunday we will ignore it. But food prices costs will go up but get used to it but wealthy dont have to worry do they just the electorate that put the tories in power

  10. Surely he should walk out of the door then… He has no job… He wasn’t voted in as a Liberal party mp??… He should be escorted from the building and grounds.. Cheeky toss-stain

  11. With all these politicians that seem to be defecting/ resigning of late! to other Parties.
    Q.How & why can they continue in their role in the House’s of Parliament when they no longer represent the People or party whom actually got them that position of office.???

  12. Good. When the general election is called the country has a clear choice, Brexit or Remain. I suspect a coalition of Brexit Party and Conservatives will prevail and get the job we all voted for DONE.
    That is the reason Parliament won’t vote for a GE, they know the national outcome will defeat their sole aim. 🙄


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