Confused by climate change? 🤔 Worrying about our world? Our new Facebook Messe…


Confused by climate change? 🤔
Worrying about our world? 😟

Our new Facebook Messenger bot may help you find the answers. Sign up for a weekly climate change chat about the latest news and research:



  1. Christ.. what if climate change is a scam? You spend a little more in taxes and wash you yoghurt pots, then find out you got conned? What if it’s real, and you ignore the overwhelming evidence and carry on being a selfish b*stard? We all die? Believing in it seems a pretty safe bet to me.

  2. No I’m confused why you are promoting “Sea life” on your programme this morning !!! Using “plastic” as a reason people should go and see seals in captivity!!! 😡

  3. i’m not confused about climate but about human intelligence relate to it, can you explain why we saw the branch we are sitting on over the abyss? why we burn our only home in universe? etc

  4. Go into a greenhouse on a warm day and measure the CO2 there. Do likewise on a cool day and you’ll measure less CO2 there. Now remove the glass and realised that all algae, plants, trees – the world over – respirate identically. CO2 is the product of warming not the cause of! And, if O2 is the product of warming then, climate change has nothing to do with us!

  5. Don’t blame anyone or climate change no,let us see the world nowadays is dirt due to what people ar doing God is not happy, because people ar moving necked up and down looking 4 money so the world is about 2 an end thus y we see this and that,so don’t touch yo mouth.What we should do is praise our almight God maybe through His grace we can be saved and we ar in the injery time.

  6. All this happening around them, the pressures of social media to be perfect and the world political situations too, no wonder our young people have more stress and mental health problems than ever before.

  7. so Facebook is going to bring all of us up to speed on climate change…LMAO, sign up/ don’t sign up – 50/50 you believe/ you don’t believe, you care/ you don’t care. We are animals on a planet revolving around a ‘sun’, the planet has been doing this a lot longer than we have been a viable species on it’s surface, so the planet wins either way… think about that and just for fun think about what we humans have done to this planet in our short time here, take some responsibility for that, plastic is not a natural product, it’s man made – that’s the issue – man made, not planet made….

  8. You need to read your history, the climate is the most stable over the last 15,000 years than it’s been for millions of years.
    The average temperature cycles up and down over 10’s if thousands of years and at the moment, it’s actually quite cool. Remember the dinosaurs ? They lived in a tropical environment, a meteor hit the planet, it cooled and is still warming back up. Yes, it takes that long, in geological terms it’s not long.
    We, maybe changing the pace of change a little bit at the moment, that’s all.


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