Can We Get the Finance Ministry to Do Something to Help Us Cover Up This Fraud? …


Can We Get the Finance Ministry to Do Something to Help Us Cover Up This Fraud?

CBN Governor Emefiele, Deputy Adamu, Top Officials Caught on Tape Exploring Options on How to Cover-Up N500bn They Stole from The Central Bank.




  1. Sahara no commit suicide ooo… Is like una brain Don kolo since dey reappoint CBN governor. Abeg make una dey monitor Sahara dem don get mental problem.

  2. Buhari is going to renominate all his current ministers and SA’s for second tenure just as he nominated this CBN criminal. That is the height of a man with no vision.

  3. If only Sahara reporter can get us updated on the leadership issue of AAC the way they keep us posted on CBN and it’s curruption we would have known who is the real chairman of the party

  4. Buhari is fully aware that Emefiele is corrupt but because of some noise-makers, he (Buhari) opted to leave, but with emargence of such a plain evidence Emefiele’s days are numbered.

  5. please great people someone should be a blessing to me !I pray that God should touch the heart of men to help me out because am really stranded and depressed at the moment
    I really need help in my case,I never wanted to do this but I have no option than to do it, I just pray that someone out there will hear me out and help me out, am a 500level student in university of Uyo akwaibom state,my school project fees portals will be closed on the 17th of May 2019 and am yet to raise the fund (23,550#). I wish and only wish that someone out there will rescue me from my problem and not let me drop out in my 500level because I have really come a long way to drop out God bless you all my helpers,any form of verification is allowed please

  6. So because Buhari wants him for a second term all these allegations come out of the blue. why didnt they talk since. noone knows if they are true or not only God can judge sha

  7. Why won’t they be in financial mess when they were using bullion vans to move money to bourdillon,ikoyi during election period bcos they wanted to win election at all cost..this is just the tip of the iceberg on the massive corruption that is going on in this present administration..all these pretence that they are fighting corruption is to divert the attention of the general public on what is really going on in the system..see the huge amount of money that was spent during campaign.there is no accountability in govt..the ones in the audio(cbn governor and his deputy)were busy trying to ensure they don’t loose their position and could not stop the illegal withdrawals from the national treasury..anyway,the full story will still come out..let them continue cracking their brain..bunch of incompetent psychophants..

  8. I believe how corruption lasted in Nigeria for over 16 years it can have not less than 16million color to change its appearance from one to another.
    Nigeria is Fighting corruption to the tail without knowing the head is the most dangerous to tackle it’s wide spreading in all dynamic form it can appear.


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