”But i did not Pour my sperm inside her i Pulled my penis out” – Nigerian man …


”But i did not Pour my sperm inside her i Pulled my penis out” – Nigerian man from Anambra State who Raped his 13year old Daughter Says



  1. My verdict is remove all his cloth and tie this man very well. Ensure that he is tied well and gag his mouth then put him in a prison cell with 4 gay’s and supply them with Vaseline tell them the man is fathers day gift.. Werey man

  2. He kept lying until 4:59 mins he then accepted that he slept he slept with his own daughter, a 13 year old girl, I do not judge these little girls having urge for sex nowadays because I don’t know how their childhood was. Oh Lord I’m on my knees, let Dry Thunder from Hamatan season locate this man and all his colleagues in Jesus name!!!!!

  3. Edo people can never do such an abomination because any Edo person that try such will never survive the head ache that will knock his head over night for not having sense…Anambra Anambra Anambra i hail unaooo una too mush..

  4. A father that is suppose to protect his children with his own life from harm for they are his future… Is d one destroying their lives…. God please have mercy! and heal that child psychologically.

  5. “A LAZY Nigerian youth is defined as one who doesn’t have his/her PVC to vote out the current HARDWORKING government.”

    Share this until it goes viral! Let’s show this government just how effective our LAZINESS can be.💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  6. Pls ooh there’s something l don’t understand how can u sleep with a 13years old girl without noise so that people we know what’s going on or did u cover her mouth or she’s not a virgin I’m sorry to say it just that I don’t understand.this life hmmmmmm

  7. And the 13 years old without sex education and no screaming while being sexed, mother turned sleeping dead, “I think this has something to do with money ritual” the daughter will suddenly become an object and possibly remain retarded among the other children.
    On the other hand, maybe the woman is not the biological mother and to this she can pretend not to be aware.

    In all, the girl may have been placed under a spell for this ritual to occur. smh

  8. I think we really need a new technology advancement on phones were you can slap people from your phone, I felt like slapping his brain out of his stupid skull, funny enough en still get mind the shine eye , what a shame to manhood

  9. Gossip mill I don’t understand you people any more ..This man say is from akwaibom .why are you people spoiling anambra name .This man is not even igbo man .not because the man live in anambra .but please identify his home state akwaibom where he come from

  10. Gossip mill,why are you destroying Anambra people here, this name here is not Nigerian name talkless of anambra.Must you tarnished people image just to promote yours.let be realistic.

  11. this is heartbreaking, i have a 15year old daughter & cant even imagine her sleeping a boy of her age. That man must rot in jail & his wife too, how can you not hear anything ?

  12. Pls,whenever you are reading make sure your scenes is with you,this man say is from akwaibom but live in anambra.check his name.secondily he say he is 30yrs and the daughter is 13yrs.So he married when he is 15or16yrs.gossip mill no use your hand spoil your business, verify well before promoting your business.

  13. How can you sleep in the same bed with ur daughter and her mother in the same bed? Oga there is God oooo! I have 10 years old gal! When ever she feel like to sleep in my bed room my dear i will go and sleep in her own room, self control is good in every human!

  14. Dis is terrible,had it being gossip mill mentioned Yoruba,Calabar or Edo, my Igbo people veins will rise up infact their muscles will be bigger, do u see now dat is not good to throw stone inside d market,bcos u don’t know who d stone will meet,Issorite i rest my case


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