Buhari: We’ll Not Allow Merchants Of Evil Overwhelm Nigeria | Sahara Reporters …


Buhari: We’ll Not Allow Merchants Of Evil Overwhelm Nigeria | Sahara Reporters

We will not allow merchants of evil and death to overwhelm the nation. Under my watch, the nation will triumph over them – terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and the like.

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  1. please great people someone should be a blessing to me !I pray that God should touch the heart of men to help me out because am really stranded and depressed at the moment
    I really need help in my case,I never wanted to do this but I have no option than to do it, I just pray that someone out there will hear me out and help me out, am a 500level student in university of Uyo akwaibom state,my school fees portals will be closed on the 22nd of April 2019 and am yet to raise the fund (23,750#). I wish and only wish that someone out there will rescue me from my problem and not let me drop out in my 500level because I have really come a long way to drop out God bless you all my helpers,any form of verification is allowed please

  2. You did it before and we believe you’ll do it again sir. You dealt with Chadian rebels trying to trespass Nigerian territory in your days as military commandant in old Borno state, we also witness how you reduced Boko Haram causality by 75% within 6 months. Wish you more wisdom Baba.

  3. Just open mouth and spew out nonsense. Before now, he used to say “I will” but the narrative has change to “We will not”. At the end of the day, “I and we” will do nothing

  4. Then the security agencies should be proactive and be keeping all their plans confidential. For so long you’ve been quiet about Zamfara killings until recently and that’s why we’re beginning to doubt your sincerity especially when you issued statement almost immediately after a man was shot in Lagos while you kept mum about Zamfara

  5. Sir our political will and spirits are with you and you have said and you have said or rather send such powerful words to to Nigerians not once but several times but yet some burgers are still reluctant and continue to plan evils against your administration.please mr President demonstrate your real powers on such political nuisance and unpatriotic Nigerians willing and wishing to draws Nigerians and nigera backwards and by so doing we shall move our country to the next levels. Remember that action speak louder than voice.


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