BREAKING: Tribunal Sacks Onnoghen As CJN After Declaring Him Guilty Of False Ass…


BREAKING: Tribunal Sacks Onnoghen As CJN After Declaring Him Guilty Of False Assets Declaration | Sahara Reporters

Delivering its judgement on Thursday, the three-man panel chaired by Danladi Umar therefore removed him from the office as Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of National Judicial Council (NJC).




  1. Buhari rose from bedridden sickness, bounce back and is using his slow movement to finish all his enemies. I can’t even imagine look at how Buhari finish Atiku, Saraki, Onnoghen and all his enemies. I’m just very relieved, God is great. Buhari is a winner

  2. Very good news!! Kayode Esho panel has recommended him for sack long time ago!! We can never progress as a nation if we have corrupt people in high places!!! Other corrupt judges would know they are next!

  3. Onnoghen is aware of this judgement that is why he quickly resigned but unfortunately the go slow in the aso rock has not made them to accept his resignation therefore Umar is in order. It appears that this Umar is a brilliant fellow

  4. He should have resigned long before he did to save himself of this humiliation. That is the honourable path. He thought he could intimidate the process by engaging 100 senior advocates. The security agencies knew the implications of not having a water tight case against him. They did their homework thoroughly on this matter.

  5. I love this.
    Those like Onnoghen who are quick to believe in a Nigeria that is not equal for all, will learn their lessons one by one.

    A lot of people including the Umar has corruption charges against them, Magu has corruption allegations, Grass Cutter and etc, but Onnoghen’s case rightly or wrong has been expedited. I say great lessons.

  6. Three Arms of Government in Nigeria

    The Executive: Headed by Buhari who “won” the recently concluded Elections.

    The Judiciary: Headed by Justice Umar Tanko who is widely believed to be Buhari’s favourite and was sworn in under controversial circumstances as Acting CJN

    The Legislature: (from June 8th or 9th) to be Headed by Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbaja……. both Men that have long been penciled down by the powers that be/powers behind the throne which are indirectly influencing most of the actions of The Executive.

    ……and someone will tell Me that the Doctrine of Seperation of Powers which lubricates the Checks and Balances Machinery will still be up and running in this Country?

  7. season 2 loading, cct as pronounced guilty collect the said money involved, it will be a good case at high court to send him to jail for fraud, money laundry, illegal process of money and other relative money offence , that is efcc job to prosecute him at high. already is case is with efcc


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