BREAKING: President Buhari Jets Out For ‘Optional’ Saudi Pilgrimage Tomorrow | S…


BREAKING: President Buhari Jets Out For ‘Optional’ Saudi Pilgrimage Tomorrow | Sahara Reporters

The trip is coming after a widely criticized ‘private visit’ which he embarked upon on April 24 returning May 5. It is also coming at a time of multiple corruption allegations against appointees within his cabinet and rising insecurity in the country.




  1. buhari happy moments in life, is no other time, than when he is bidding farewell, while getting set to board eagle one to depart Nigeria. We have never had it this irresponsible with leadership before, like it is now.

  2. Sahara reporter una no get work again. Just look at the way an acclaimed media house like this has collapsed to zero.
    Any thing built on falsehood especially against PMB will collapsed.
    A youthful organisation like this can’t even stand a time of test.

  3. Widely criticized by professional wailers and fault finders. Let them start again, it’s their only occupation. And even you guys who lied and were exposed, have you retracted your lies? Failure signifies unprofessionalism and lack of ethics. This whole story could turn out to be fake news.

  4. This man is laundring our money. If you think all this travel is for diplomacy then think again. Which president in the world travel frequently like this man.

  5. At the onset of this directionless government.. he started flying like bat. Buharists would then defend him…..baba is soliciting & securing investors for Nigeria, very soon Nigeria will reap the benefits of these traveling.
    Can any buharideem point out one investment this junketter has attracted since he started flying??


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