BREAKING: Onnoghen Smiles For The Cameras As CCT Members Arrive Late For Judgeme…


BREAKING: Onnoghen Smiles For The Cameras As CCT Members Arrive Late For Judgement

Onnoghen arrived the court premises roughly five minutes before noon, dressed in a grey suit and wearing a smile as photo journalists beamed their cameras on him.The three members of the tribunal, led by their Chairman Danladi Umar, subsequently arrived the courtroom some 20 minutes later.




  1. It will be on our History and records that the supreme court chief judge of Nigeria from the south south has been treated so badly and disgracefully thrown out of office in the name of politics. But let me say that these will get into the future and the will be a payback time by the south southerner

  2. He’s a thief simple. If not for greediness he supposed to resign at the beginning when he was caught. But he’s trying to lobby and find way to retain he’s sit. When he sees that wate r is about to dry at the back fish he now tender resignation what he supposed to do first to honour himself

  3. One Buhari replaced ONNOGHEN with a Tanko. One Malami charged him. One Magu investigated him. One Abdullahi of NJC recommended his sack. Now, one Umar has finally CONVICTED him. South ahoy!~~Bar. Aloy Ejimakor

  4. Normally,accused persons should be seated before the judge arrives.That’s what happened in Justice Onnoghen’s case.I pity Justice Onnoghen but he allowed some lawyers and the South south governors and others mislead him with his legal knowledge and experience.
    He has been disgraced.

  5. You can see from the pictures at the tribunal sittings that most of the lawyers that came to defend him at the beginning of the case disappeared, probably because of the weight of the evidence against him when the prosecution opened its case.


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