BREAKING: NASS Leadership: PDP Endorses Ali Ndume, Umar Bago | Sahara Reporters …


BREAKING: NASS Leadership: PDP Endorses Ali Ndume, Umar Bago | Sahara Reporters

The meeting which was held at Bayelsa State Governor lodge on Monday in Abuja was to decide how the opposition will vote tomorrow Tuesday in the chambers




  1. Although Ali Ndume has his own baggage, it is better to support him become SP than other contestants. Lawan with Omo Agege as deputy president of the Senate will likely reinforce criminality at the Senate. In fact Omo Agege might steal the entire Senate. He’s a dangerous criminal.

  2. PDP only prominent role in Nigeria all the time is to create confusion After they destroy our dear country for 16yrs without any significant impact in lives of the masses,when crude was sold at rate $120 to $150 dollars per barrel. They embezzle, misappropriate and mismanaged our resources for own set fish interest.

  3. Only enemy of progress will support pdp plans. Because it has become open secret that pdp want to destabilize any move to move Nigeria from backwardness. They will not Succeed by God’s grace.

  4. Nigeria politics and its drama. Ndume that was once affiliate with boko haram is the person PDP is supporting just because APC endorsed Lawan.

    My question is what is the rationale for the PDP’s choice of Ndume?
    Selfishness will kill all those in power in Nigeria.

  5. If pdp go contrary this time again against the plan of rulling party, then they should expect more loosing of properties, their loots in various banks and many will celebrates his/her useful years in prison yards. Because buhari is like moving train who is ready to crush anyone dubiously standing on his way of success. Just wait and see slegg hammer on u guys.

  6. In the game of chess, the BISHOP is the MOST POWERFUL PIECES (not the QUEEN as many think). And for the game to be won, the bishop has to be SACRIFICED. Thank you

    senator Ali Ndume will be elected senate president today and after 6 month CCT will charge him for false declaration of asset, the case will be in court till Ndume will decamp to PDP and lost elections of 10th senate.

  8. This APC guys will come and steal the whole house members, final stealing of maze this time around, Ahmed Lawal and Omo – Agege bread,

    imagine Femi giving members $100k each, corruption of highest order

  9. Social media apc followers, what I observed here is that all of you are nothing but noise makers, bcos you don’t have voting power. Pdp whether you like it or not remains the masters in this very game, apc will continue as babies in this game bcos they can never learn.forsee the return of saraki to the nass today, watch out as events unfolds. …


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