BREAKING: Kaduna Government Restores 24-Hour Curfew | Sahara Reporters A state…


BREAKING: Kaduna Government Restores 24-Hour Curfew | Sahara Reporters

A statement by Samuel Aruwan, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (Media and Publicity) on Friday, noted that the curfew will affect Kaduna metropolis and environs, Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru, Kateri and Kachi.




  1. When others in Kaduna were killed by the terror attack, did the Kaduna state government put curfews in place to mourn them? Did they mourn them at all?

    They should place a 24-hour curfew on Aso Rock, until 2019, so that we can we can recover what is left of our country before 2019’s Atikulation.

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  3. MY Family 4 PDP. 25.10.2018


    We the average Nigerian Families are alarmed that our President Credentials is still with the Military.

    If the President who is the Commander in Chief of our military cannot even collect his own credentials from the military why are we blaming him for not being able to combat the Fulani herdsmen militia,Boko Haram thereby safeguarding the lives and properties of Nigerian families,is it not the same military that he needs to deploy.

    Voting PDP is a matter of Survivial and survive we must.

    MY Family 4 PDP

    His youthfulness,
    Comrade Frank Maduka jp
    National Public Relation Officer
    “MY Family 4 PDP”
    (A National Campaign Movement)

  4. The Minister and the loss of a Midas touch….

    ” If you are a mediocre but you identify with excellence, with time you would become excellent…
    If you are excellent and you identify with mediocrity, sooner than later , mediocrity would be your lot”……. Anonymous..

    It is Crystal clear that the Campaigns for 2019 would not be predicated on the achievements from Inception….The Narrative must change, emotional sentiments must be provoked, the people should be divided and the confusion must be visible…..

    The oldest trick in the book from 1966 has been to whip up ethnic sentiments…. A ” We versus Them ” scenario…Pointing accusing fingers at one and Pats on the back for another…….A divide and rule tactic…..Create a confusion and pit one against the other…… Fortunately, times are changing and the hypocrisy of the ruling class seems to be made more manifest…..

    The Senate President was recently quoted, that the Jagaban would support the Imperator even on a stretcher so he could take over power in 2023…..Many thought that he was being overtly mischevious, considering the fact that the Secretary to the Federal Government had also told an Igbo audience that a Vote for the Imperator now would guarantee an Igbo Presidency in the sane 2023… Now whose report do we believe??

    A critical look and body language of the ruling party before the nomination of the Wazirin as opposition leader seemed to agree with the narrative of the Senate President……Players were being placed in sleeper positions waiting for the opportuned time to strike… The Chairman was replaced based on this premise….Key conspiratorial elements were being deployed to strategic points and places…It was all for 2023…To them , 2019 was already a done deal…It was supposed to be a walkover…. Unfortunately for them, the emergence of the Wazirin has upturned the cart and sent everyone back to the drawing board…..

    Incompetence cannot sell, a new strategy must be fashioned….A look at the strategy of the Wazirin exposes their flanks…The reconciliation with the Balogun has proved that the threat is real, the deployment of Gusau is evident that forces are being aligned and the nomination of Okwute, the icing on the cake shows that the opposition is not coming for a tea party……A formidable opponent has arisen…All hell has been let loose….Back to the drawing board…..

    The Narrative is nauseating, the Minister would canvass for South West votes…The bloc is needed…He would make a case…He speaks in the native tongue…He promises that the seat of power must return….Our own Lagos whizkid, has seen himself being reduced to an ethnic champion……The brilliant lawyer who became the poster boy for excellence in administration, now campaigns like the former warlord in Molete…He discards the garment of success, he wears the garment of mediocrity…… Championing an ethnic cause is good, it is Noble, nevertheless it should not be subject to good governance and purposeful leadership…..

    The Midas touch turns everything to Gold, Lagos witnessed infrastructural development at a rapid pace…. With the right team and attitude, he tried his best and did well to move Lagos forward in policies and procedures……. Alas and most pityful,,, He follows the goebellian clique, he has joined the Incoherent crowd at the Tower of Babel….

    The ruling party seem to run out of ammunition , and the battle has not yet began…November 18 is the appointed date…The first shots would be fired that day, INEC would blow the whistle to signal the beginning of the campaigns….

    The Minister is not half the man he was, he is no longer the super hero we knew…

    He has lost his magic wand……

    He has lost his Midas touch……..

  5. Same news slammed my phone this morning.
    I knew those guys were not going to let him go, after all, they killed almost everyone on the Chiefs convoy.
    This government declared war against Christian nation long ago, yet some Benue brothers won’t understand why we have been crying to the heavens over headsmen jihad agenda.

    If it were cows, military would have been deployed to regain rustled cows.

  6. Is it to impose curfew that mattered most or to wave into what caused that uproar & nip it in the board henceforth? Why scratching the matter from just the surface ? Is El-Rufai bereft of what to do in other to bring this unceasing crisis to lasting peace? Oh sorry! No be demolition case.


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