“Being a trans person in the UK at the moment is like being a second class citiz…


“Being a trans person in the UK at the moment is like being a second class citizen.”

The NSPCC has cut ties with Munroe Bergdorf, after she revealed she was Childline’s “first LGBT+ campaigner”.




  1. Yawn… they constantly go on about being the “victim” yet try to bully people into their way of thinking. They are worse than vegans!
    If I had a pound for every gender there is these days I’d have 2 pound !

  2. What child needs to worry about ‘working out their gender identity’ if kids weren’t constantly being force fed these things they wouldn’t even be thinking about such things.

  3. If a man sleeps in the morning and wakes up in the night, it has changed the nature that God has made between you. He changed in his human form that he is mad, and even if he does not succeed,

  4. It’s probably to do with her very strong political attitudes. She made comments last year that were construed as advocating white abolitionism. Old saying goes… “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”

  5. Unfortunately her actions and comments on social media have really not helped her cause, quite the opposite. Being out spoken and proud is one thing, but she detracted from that in a big way.

  6. She was sacked by L’Oréal for posting “Most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour. Your entire existence is drenched in racism.”which is entirely true and then gets sacked by NSPCC soon after some bigoted woman called her a pornstar and called for a boycott of Childline, what sort of message does this give to LGBTQ+ kids or even children of colour that there struggles are ignored and bullied? It’s a joke and does deserve to be shared and heard


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