Beautiful Lady shows off her Laps and wait for it


Beautiful Lady shows off her Laps and wait for it



  1. She is pretty n hot I don’t cares if some people mock her or not ….99% OF men will still hide and sleep with her regardless of her condition..cos we men are too thirsty like a he goat

  2. Do you know that every Christian is more like a vampire. Cos, na every time we dey drink blood, na every time we dey sprinkle blood for our house, small tin or bigs tins happen, we will scream the blood. Yes, every Christian is a holy Vampire cos they feed on the blood of JESUS…!!

  3. I didn’t watch the video but I know she is very beautiful with a qood laps!!!!! 😍😍😍
    She will be qood for #Vampire film, am off to work!!!!! 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃💨

  4. Her teeth is nothing near ok at all but that’s not a problem for me.

    It will only take Bethel Dental Clinic, opposite glo office wuse2 Abuja some few hours to make it better.

    Go there, my Facebook friends will pay the bill.

  5. She has a mental issue….the kind of laugh reminds me of kolokoffi(a mad man around my neighborhood)….IF he smile na problem if he laugh no car and humans will pass through that day…

  6. If you are smart, you’ll observe that she remembered to use her hand to cover the almost exposed good stuff after she finished her “performance”. She’s an actress and the teeth is artificial. 👏😂💖

  7. But na waiting that woman tell her that made her laugh so hard to the extent that she forget say her teeth can make somebody faint even to the extent of laughing like a mental person

  8. I think its just an act and them protruding tooth are fake. (1) is that her lips are normal which is quite unusual for someone who grew up with tht kind set of teeth. (2) Two is that a classy girl with them bad tooth can not be laughing to reveal not only the bad tooth but the whole 32 set. So she is quite a TV character.

  9. I present to you this disguises unique personality,,, a friend, an amazing brother and uncle. a father of one wife,,,this man, its nt just an ordinary man, but he is an extraordinary man in the making. Not only that, is a man who fears God and respect his elders, this man has gone through ups and downs, believe me,, he is still standing.. so Join me all my good friend who are in Benin city. and let us support and elevate this our own here. He was called to serve his people by God not man because he has not been a politicians before, so let try him and see,, there is a Bible verse that says, o test and see that the lord is good, so I will say, o test and try and I leave you my brothers and sisters to complete the rest anyway. Is no other person than Mr honorable Gabros, aka Mr Oredo chairman in the making..a real man among men. When I say he is a real man, believe me, I do play Politics and I know what I’m talking about. God almighty bless you all who support him in this race ijn.

  10. I will simply name my daughter a sweet name like “Not Interested” so that when all these baaaad guys with currupt mind meet her and was like, Hey babe I’m stanley. She will just simply reply “I’m Not Interested”.😅😅😅😅

  11. So this girl is a moron and I was just tripping on her from the moment I saw her natural endowment, sha ehn until that woman provoke her to laughter I quickly arrange myself…..


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