Bandits Kidnap 3 Month-Old Baby, Kill 2 In Zamfara Village | Sahara Reporters “…


Bandits Kidnap 3 Month-Old Baby, Kill 2 In Zamfara Village | Sahara Reporters

“At a later time, they called to demand for a ransom of 50 million naira for the release of those abductees,” Muhammad said.




  1. Pls “Words matter most in journalism. They’re not bandits the words use by the Govt to deceive gullible NIGERIANS. They’re Fulani Herders JIHADIST. You can’t use Niger Delta Militants for Armed groups in the south south and paints their counter part in the North Saint. It’s a systemic partern the Prophet of Islam used in his days and it’s been going on for 1400 years unabated. It’s a the only language & way Islam use in spreading “Jihad” (Holy War). It was the same pattern they fulani used to conquer Hausa people it’s same playing out today. Unfortunately, we have a FGN who failed to act

  2. How much death and kidnap is enough for the bandits, marauders and herdsmen?

    To me, this is the fall out and consequences of illiteracy, poverty and treachery meted out against the northern masses by the northern oligarchs. I don’t think that the case would be as worse as this if there was much emphasis on human capital development and capacity building in the north before now.

    The leaders will have no rest since they are directly and indirectly responsible for what is happening in the north.

  3. When Buhari asked the military to dismantle all check point shortly after he was sworn into office. I stated clearly that it was to give room for Boko boys to infiltrate other parts of the country and be branded with others names. If your still wondering who the sponsor of insecurity is then your among those we refer to as dummies 😁😁

  4. If u want to know the height of foolishness among arewas and Yorubas just ask them who are those bandits,without second thought they will say is NNAMDI KANU and IPOB because already they said Fulani herdsmen are prayer warriors hahaha what a black man reasoning

  5. Nig is in big trouble especially the NORTH. Northern politicials are the cause of their calamity today. They use this boys for their political gains, and after election dump them and relocated to ABUJA or their STATE CAPITALS where they are sure of security. In 2015 the Northern politicians used BOKO HARAM to discredit Goodluck government, thinking that once a NORTHERNER comes to power everything will go to sleep, but today reverse is the case. Chibok girls was the scam of centuary by the NORTHERNER over 200 girls writting physics exam was kidnapped by boko haram & all the girls came from 1 community. Today Goodluck is gone but boko haram remains in north kill soldiers everyday. From herdsmen, bandits is born, what goes round comes round.

  6. The monster they created must surely consume them..
    You can’t sow yam and harvest cassava..
    More form of banditry is coming to the North.
    Except they do just one thing..
    Free Biafra..

  7. Bandit is that their organization names? Can tradition leaders in zamfara say they don’t know people behind the the killing, the problem of insecurity in Nigeria corruption


    The started Robbery
    Treasonous acts
    Internet scams
    Baby factory
    Destabilising the country’s name
    Fake products
    And many more


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