Autopsy Report Exposes Force PRO Frank Mba’s Lies About How Policemen Killed NSC…


Autopsy Report Exposes Force PRO Frank Mba’s Lies About How Policemen Killed NSCDC Officer Ochigbo Jumbo | Sahara Reporters

The result of an autopsy result conducted at the Maitama General Hospital on 26th March 2019, revealed that late Jumbo died after suffering from “blunt force injury to the head and cerebral oedema” suffered during the police brutality.




  1. This is the result of the whole system in Nigeria.
    The police officers are not recruited based on qualification, physical fitness, mental fitness or merit instead they are recruited based on tribalism and nepotism.
    This is the result of recruiting officers based on who you know at the top.
    Murders are been recruited into the police force without proper screening of each individual.

  2. I knew from the onset…i thought this new PRO would be better in speaking the truth than the formal calamity PRO Moshood…but it seems this one is even worse…the man they killed was in the vehicle with his family, so you Mr PRO think the wife of the Civil defence man was lying..God will judge all of you some day killer policemen

  3. It’s only when police officer is being killed that you will hear the truth from the police authority, but when police officers commit crimes of this nature they will be protected by the authority, bigger shame

  4. LoL
    Autopsy or no post mortem, the public EYE witness said it all already. Who’s gonna POLICE the POLICE of NIGERIA? We’re living in hell here on earth especially during this barbaric, senseless and unhumane activities of the NPF

  5. The day I watched this man defending the scene on national television, I felt so worried and sad for Nigeria. I taught this guy emergency will be of betterment but never knew his would be unfortunate. He was talking like illiterate, it was so cleared that his defence was fabricated. I think police as a force deserve reformation.

  6. He was NSCDC staff and they suppose to have head there ….if you have everybody from security aparatus from one family in Daura .. U wey dey work for them Na mumu cause anything wey happen to u Na family matter …

  7. Frank Mba you’re a fine officer and I love your person since when you were the force PRO in Lagos. Never you allow yourself to be used like Moshood who lost all his respect when he was in that office. Learn to verify before talking to the press. Please.


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