An unprecedented 4th consecutive award for Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola – …


An unprecedented 4th consecutive award for Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola – Barclays Manager of the Month for December!



  1. It is not a joke. If u can win eighteen games in a row then u deserve to win the consecutive manager awards. U cannot give it to big Sam for steadying everton’s ship right

  2. I read people’s comment saying he bought the league……. I just laughed. Buh leme ask.. When the transfer window opens, it didn’t open for only CITY, it was also open for yur team as well, so blame yur team for not getting players and not my coach pls

  3. Liverpool fan I feel for Sean Dyce should be manager of the month without spending crazy amounts of money he has Burnley playing amazing football but of course money wins no matter what

  4. Manchester City is the BEST football club in History !!!!

    1st place is sorted now, just remains a big fight between Manchester United down to Burnley for 2nd place and below.

  5. U call the French league a farmers league, but if u were rennes fans u wud be saying it’s because psg bought the league, u call the Spanish league a farmers league, but I’m sure if u were celta vigo fans u wud be saying its because Barça or Madrid bought the league, same as the German league or the Italian league.
    Swallow ur pride and admit man city and pep r awesome and the epl is just as bad

  6. A lot of people criticize Pepe for “spending a lot money” or they call him an “overrated” coach, they get paid to make the team better whatever ever way they can, with their tactics and if it costs the team 100 mill, 200 mill it doesn’t matter, if he gets the results , and so far he’s done it, he did it with Barca, with Bayern, and now with Man City, congrats to one of the greatest coach🔥

  7. I think now football world can differ who is the best coach in the world…Pep has it all, he dominated in Spain, Germany and now England..alot was said on his first season at city saying premier league is not that easy like La liga and bundesliga now I see that it’s not the leagues but he himself Pep Josep Guardiorla is not easy man..he is the best in the world

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