Amritsar remembered. It’s 100 years since the massacre where hundreds of India…


Amritsar remembered.

It’s 100 years since the massacre where hundreds of Indian civilians were shot by British troops while attending a public meeting, in defiance of a ban by colonial authorities.



  1. I’m British, and I’m really sorry <3
    This is awful 🙁 I hope they don't believe us British are 'all the same' as I don't think my generation or futures would ever allow this to happen!

  2. I see lot of British people feel bad about incident. However today I heard an interview of British journalist on KPCC radio in California and he was kind of justifying Gen. Dyre’s actions. This is very annoying. The overall view of the journalist seemed to be based on some random talk by folks thinking India would have been better under British rule today. This is awful thinking. Great Britain is great but ruling others for their own benefit is not welcome move in the first place.

  3. All the hypocritical people saying “move on – forget it”. How is what they are doing different from Remembrance Sunday or similar in other EU countries? Get over yourselves and stop trying to tell people how to grief and remember their loved ones! You don’t have that right.

  4. History is packed with incidents of man’s inhumanity to man, women and children. Amritsar was just one ghastly example. It is right to remember this as the dark side of colonialism.

  5. Good grief. I never understand the unwillingness for official apologies to be made on behalf of historical governments. Yes, it’s in the past, but so was Bloody Sunday, and countless other atrocities around the world committed by many countries.
    I for one, apologise unreservedly for what happened here. It was a massacre, that even Churchill, condemned, and he was certainly no Saint. My father served in India just after partition, and he loved the people, and hated what he was doing there. I know, if he were alive, he would be the first to say he was sorry. It matters.


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