All this one in the name of dancing, Get a Room!!


All this one in the name of dancing, Get a Room!!



  1. I’m using free mode but base on the comments I have read here I believe this old man carrying this teenage gal has somtin in his mind or does he paid the school fee he promised her?
    Wait why did the gal even lied that she was not with her period when she knows that the man might rape her?
    So sad rip to Mandela the song playing in underground is so touching I hate tribute songs.

  2. 😂 Gossip mill Nigeria
    Is it your dance?.
    Is it your woman?
    Is it your headache
    You don’t know Brazilian people. They love having fun. Get the money today. Eat all. Tomorrow struggle continues. That’s life in Brazil!

  3. This is the international version of one corner dance…I like this one a little bit..the girl would just climb you cover u with her skirt and be hitting that punami on ur body unlike Naija own wey some people dey enter bush,gutter,dirty water,some dey even die on top bike,Naija dey over do something.

  4. This is so beautiful, I love the dance moves….
    Well this can only happen when you have a Babe like mine,so skinny and perfect…
    But sorry for you if You Babe is FATima,
    Try this if you want to die

  5. A married Man died
    His Wife cut his Penis,
    filled it with cement &
    fixed it in d wall.
    Every night she used to
    go to d wall & get herself
    satisfied. One
    day her neighbour saw
    He made a hole in the
    wall removed the husband’s P & put his own P in place of that.. & waited his turn for
    To do Oringo
    The lady came with a
    knife…cut his penis &
    said…”Darling today we
    are shifting to our new
    Moral– don’t put your dick everywhere😆

  6. This dance can never work in Nigeria after all this Nigerian girls done chop Eba and apu with mixture of egusi ogbonor black soup and banga soup finish them go come dey weigh like bag of beans

  7. Bc it’s Oyibo pple, some of you are commenting gud abt d dance, if it were to be a Naija pole, you will raise all sort of insults on them, like you are a disgrace to ur family, ashawo, if you loose ur virginity you will say you are dancing rubbish, naija wake up n be civilize for once, indeed they say a prophet is nt recognize in his home

  8. Gossip mill which one is get a room?
    Cant u see tge dance was actually planed?
    Or am i the only person that noticed the man on black , tapping the guy and telln him oya start we dey video😃😃😎😃😃

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