After Playing President On TV, Comedian Zelensky Becomes Ukrainian President-Ele…


After Playing President On TV, Comedian Zelensky Becomes Ukrainian President-Elect In Real Life | Sahara Reporters

Before now, Zelensky’s only previous political role was playing the President on television, but he trounced incumbent Poroshenko by taking 73 percent of the vote, according to exit polls conducted by several think tanks.




  1. My radical views about our government policies and style of governances does not in any form to demean the occupants of the ‘positions of authority’. Advocating for People’s – Centred Policies is by way of reminding the occupant’s of their fundamental roles and functions in government for the society. A new lesson learned in #Ukraine Presidential Election Results … Neglect the people’s welfare, safety and encouraging corruption by breeding ‘sacred cows’ in government. PEOPLE VOTE you OUT!

  2. If he ever come out to contest tribal and religious country they’ll tell him better not to waste your money just go and continue your career with mr ibu and co..

  3. If it’s in Nigeria they’ll tell you which experience does.he has about governance. Just as many gullible youths were condemning and criticizing Sowore few months back, but they’re now enjoying their next level. Kontinue.

  4. We will have to wait till 4019 for a replica in an African country!! We still don’t understand what democracy is all about. In a civilized society, Buhari and co can’t dream to be elected as president!! The masses are not ready for change since tribalism and religion are still the yardstick to choose leaders. The youth are the worst group in our society since they have chosen to join cults instead of fighting for their future!!

  5. We extole other countries when an opposition candidate wins an incumbent but here in this country we question an opposition candidate for daring to claim he won when it is clear to us that an incumbent is defeated in the polls.

  6. Some idiotic Nigerians were calling Omotala Jalade-Kehinde ordinary movie actress the other day, today they are hailing comedian Zelensky for winning Ukraine presidential election.


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