Adebayo Shittu As A Shit! By SOC Okenwa The Nigerian Minister of Communication…


Adebayo Shittu As A Shit! By SOC Okenwa

The Nigerian Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, is a big man of big dreams in a wasted nation where true dreams are long dead and buried — metaphorically speaking. Shittu dreamt of becoming a “charge and bail” lawyer and he became one in a nation where certificate forgery is as rampant as bribing one’s way out of trouble or using filthy lucre to lure poor voters into voting for a thief to lead them. He dreamt of becoming a bread and butter politician and he achieved it through corruption, political networking and godfatherism.




  1. I checked Oyo state 2011 voting pattern and what I saw surprised me.
    Ajimobi of ACN got over 400,000 votes.
    Akala of PDP got over 300,000 votes,
    Ladoja of Accord got close to 300,000 votes
    Mean while, Shittu of CPC got around 15,000 votes.
    And I ask again, who is inconsequential here?

  2. Is only in Nigeria that youths are dreamers just because we have not made up our mind…I am thinking and suggesting that we should use this time to dream and make plan for the next general elections…I want to see Nigerian youth to decide since hungry did not kill use.we cannot continue like this…well my Pvc is always ready waiting…

  3. This is a sham of an article, filled with casually thrown up lies to hoodwink the poor populace who are tuned, sadly rightly, to accept all accusations of politicians as thieves as true. For example, the former aide NEVER accused him of Stealing 800,000 dollars, but said he earned it through estacodes. If the man travelled, and earned those estacodes, exaggerated figure or not, how does he become a thief then.
    For instance, I know through friends close to the man that the aides are leaving largely bcos he is not fulfilling their expectations, which in Nigeria is that once you work with a politician, he steals and hands the money to you. Even old friends, who are gainfully employed, are accusing the poor guy that he is not “empowering” them. Our author here would rather the man steals our commonwealth, isnt it?

    Similar rubbish is strewn through the article. The article is a paint brush dripped in black ink. It may, sadly, stick, because people merely swallow what people put out without reflecting. It’s a shameful article.

  4. That someone as marvelously inept, crude and stuck up in a backwater as Shittu is our Communication Minister in this 21st century digital age when many youths are computer wizards is a middle finger to common sense. The scenario of Shittu and other old boys shaking their head ignorantly like Agama lizards when Mark Zuckerberg was giving a speech in Nigeria last year was just shameful. I just couldn’t look at that picture twice. We need to take back our country from these old clowns.

  5. Budget was presented to both Chambers since November last year and till now the budget has not been passed into law. And most Nigerians will keep on blaming presidency for the nation woes… They (NASS) easily support and pass any bill that will benefit their own selfish interest into law… But those that will benefit nigerians is being witheld due to their so call due process and scrutinizing… If the president can cope with these crop of selfish honourables for 4 years… I believe Nigerians will survive the hardship one day.

  6. That’s why I see Sowore as an unworthy presidential aspirant. Any one you are not in good term with you begin to assassinate their characters. This shows that any one who opposes you if you become the president is in trouble. Sowore’s own will be worse than Buhari.

  7. Back in 2014, some elements with the singular purpose of seizing political power from the reigning PDP came together to form today’s APC; the ‘so called’ liberal ACN, the conservative CPC and the docile ANPP.
    Today, we have Fela Durotoye, Sowore and Moghalu who have shown interest in the top most office. A quick advice to them, if they really love the country and it’s youths as they claim. They better form a United front in order to give young people focus on how to channel their support. If they fail to do this, they will end up sharing the votes and invariably act the already written script of the elite who feel strongly that young Nigerians can never unite due to the religious and tribal cracks which they have purposely stamped on our political system.

  8. The old men in the corridor of power is an eye-sour. To me, no matter how good they are let them move out the stage and allow the youth. They have cheated the future of young Nigerians enough.





    TIME ALLOWED: 2hrs 30min

    INSTRUCTION: Attempt All Questions

    1. Discuss the probability of APC blaming GEJ for the next 3years for
    (i.) Dollar increase.
    (ii.)Fuel Price increase
    (iii.) Power Failure
    (iv.) Unemployment
    (v. )Fulani Herdsmen Killings
    (vi) Rice price increase

    2. If APC = All Promises Cancelled, where PMB is a constant, discuss the speed at which:
    ( i.) 1 naira = 1 dollar promise is cancelled
    (ii.) 1 litre fuel = 45 naira – promise is cancelled
    (iii.) Free education at all level – promise is cancelled
    (iv). Increase of minimum wage – promise cancelled
    (v). Crushing of Boko Haram in 3 months promise is cancelled
    vi. Stabilization of naira – promise is cancelled
    (vii). Stop importation of refined products – promise is cancelled.

    3. Define the term, ”Budget padding.”

    4. Mention 3 types of APC propaganda you know, and how they can be used in 21st century politics.

    5. Mention 5 IDPs you know that feed with N140 000 everyday.

    6. Mention the next 3 countries except Germany that a nigerian president will travel to and the type of disgrace he can possibly receive.

    7. If PMB is silent when herdsmen kill people and buys jet fighters when Biafra is mentioned, what is the probability that PMB is not a terrorist?

    8. Write short notes on these phrases;
    (i). masquerade dressing,
    (ii.) importation of grass
    (iii). fantastically corrupt.
    (iv). My wife belongs to the kitchen

    9. If x is change and y is lies/propaganda, solve the equation, 2x + 5y = ? When lie mohammed is a constant

    10. If you used to be corrupt, but now fantastically corrupt, explain the effect of gravitational force on you.

    11. With a labelled diagram, describe the famous losses ever witnessed in recent times. with respect to:
    (i)– loss of budget.
    (II)– loss of WAEC certificate.
    (iii)- loss of the moon.
    (iv)- ear disorder.
    (v)– loss of PMB for 3 months
    (vi)– loss of recovered loots

    12. If President Buhari @ 73yrs received his 1953 secondary school classmates, with relevant logic, explain how old PMB was when he finished secondary school considering the fact that from 1953-2016 is 63 years.

    13. If Buhari’s illness makes him a private citizen, what will our illness make us? Explain with illustration using photographs taken from London.

    14. With a well labelled diagram, discuss how 6.1billion naira used in buying cars for reps, is of national interest.

    15. Write a very short note on why Buhari’s administration has no economic agenda to stimulate the economy after one year in office.

    16. If senators earn 3bn naira per annum discuss the speed with which Nigeria exits from recession when the suffering of Nigerian citizens is a constant.

    17. Considering that only one snake swallowed 36 million naira; If M = rats in Aso rock, and N = baboon and jackals, what is the probability that Buhari’s APC members are not animals?
    Your Time Starts Now!!! All successful candidates will be allowed to decamp.👌🏽
    Dr. Viva collaur

  10. They just wan kill this country….aaahhh!abah!this one want $2m mobilisation fee the others are looting in the name of democracy na when Nigeria wan be like Dubai now?stealing looting is too much here THERE’s GOD OOOOOOO!


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