Acting IGP Ascribes 80 percent Of Police’s Success To SARS | Sahara Reporters T…


Acting IGP Ascribes 80 percent Of Police’s Success To SARS | Sahara Reporters

The seeming commendation for SARS is following the recent backlash against SARS caused by the spate of killings by some trigger-happy officers in that unit of Nigeria Police force.




  1. Come to oyo state, ibadan city expecially, that is where Nigeria police are sending the over corrupt Police officers,
    They collect money from people like robbers, their dpo will salute them even when they’re doing the dirty job 😢😢😢😢our lifes are not save

  2. Despite the destructive criticisms , I can say it with all boldness that SARS is doing tremendously well in the discharge of their duties.
    In fact they are terror and nightmare to bad boys.
    They need to be motivated the more and also eguiped with more logistics.

  3. do Sars have the right to take human life while on arrest (2)what circumstances will lead them to shoot some one that is not seen with any gun or other weapon while arresting him(3) did some of this sars officers enter NPF on merit or that some one just recommend them to join the police ,those are my question lg ,God bless u

  4. As IGP is losing weight he is losing his sense to because as their name implies Special Anti-robbery Squad but I’m yet to see then come out during any robbery operation. #EndSars

  5. Yes I agree with you and you are absolutely right it’s unfortunate that many people did not know what SARS are doing. They failed to acknowledged their good work instead they look at it the other way round because they are bad eggs in police who forced their way in to SARS to extort people. SARS are very good and fearless but some of them are not worth it at all because of their unwholesome attitude.


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