AAC Drags Expelled Secretary, Leonard Ezenwa, Others Who Staged Sowore’s ‘Suspen…


AAC Drags Expelled Secretary, Leonard Ezenwa, Others Who Staged Sowore’s ‘Suspension’ To Court | Sahara Reporters

“We will have our day in court as the case has been adjourned to the 24th June 2019.

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  2. Sahara Reporters, you never told us that Sawore was suspended, but you now telling us the story of dragging a secretary to the party to court for staging Sawore’s suspension. Hypocrite!!!

  3. . . . But You People Did’nt Report That Sowore Was Impeached In The First Place?
    All Of You That Worked Against Jona Wil Hear Am One By One.
    Shebi Sanusi Is Dancing His Own Reggae Now

  4. Take it back take it back. This how you would’ve taken us back into crisis. Just only one unfruitful election, your party has already gone into crisis. A man who couldn’t manage a party want to come and manage Nigeria.

  5. Thank God this stupid party did not win anything, this is how the idiots would have plunge Nigeria into needless crisis. How are they better than the old existing parties?


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