A party-goer stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar statue and bragged about it on soci…


A party-goer stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar statue and bragged about it on social media. (via BBC Entertainment News)



  1. Well done comrade, that gold was dug illegally in Africa and our ancestors killed for it…

    But now you got excited and started celebrating before we could extract you smh😂

    *Face palm*

  2. Miserable piece of human debris. What the hell is the matter with people anymore? What kind of mental gymnastics do people like him have to do to convince themselves that is ok to steal things like this from those who worked hard to EARN them?

  3. Maybe she should keep a better eye on her prestigious award next time. This is honestly hilarious that this made international news with what else is going on in the world. Some actress losses prestigious award, some guy has a bit of fun with it wooptydoo

  4. Hollywood contradicts itself buy having “man” “woman” as categories while preaching gun control with hired guns on hand preaching President Trump slander while making their living under the system he runs, so this as a “headline” interests me as much as being kicked in the nuts from behind.

  5. All over rated over paid people patting themselves on the back. Who put them there? Oh yes it’s us joe public. Good for you mate. Oscars?? what a load of 🐂💩.

  6. Look baby! We got it Loooool Amr Alhuraibi Ammar A Hunaish Osama Alkoshabb. What made more insane is the people who were begging him to touch it and he is acting like Will Smith. Welcome to the 23rd Oscar version Hahahah

  7. This piece of crap should have been put in a cell where they threw away the key! And he was so stupid to put this video on social media. I’m glad the crook got caught, and I’m glad Frances got her Oscar back. My husband and I watched THREE BILLBOARDS. . . tonight and she was great in it.

  8. I think since the Oscar is awarded for acting, he deserves an award for his 15mins act, in all sincerity if he wanted to steal it, I don’t think they would have seen him. In the long run I think another scandal just happened and added to the long list of scandals the event is known for.

  9. This was really a harmless prank. If he really wanted to steal it and get away without being recognised then he didn’t do a very good job. A $20,000 bond for this, seriously. I would have thought that there are far more serious crimes to worry about in L.A than this.


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