A man who filmed a woman in her 70s being racially abused on a Ryanair flight de…


A man who filmed a woman in her 70s being racially abused on a Ryanair flight describes what happened.

Ryanair has referred the matter to the police. bbc.in/2CW6dZO



  1. Yeah the plane still took off with him on board and the woman having to move!!! What happened to everyone else just sitting there allowing the ranting man to continue!!! Why did all the passengers not come together and get the man ejected from the plane???

  2. He should have been removed from the flight
    And for the many who have commented about why video it instead of doing something about it – well video is evidence of what happened and it was the cabin crews responsibility to take action – it is concerning if they didn’t as this gentleman appear to have issues and it would be a concern being in an enclosed space, thousands for feet up with him have no that attitude. Would be interested to hear what action the crew took!

  3. Solution: if you don’t like people, especially people who look different, hire a private jet. If you really need to get from point a to point b but can’t afford a private jet then please buy an entire row of seats. Other than that chill. What did Ryanair do?

  4. Ryanair should refund both this lady’s and her daughter’s fares. My first thought was that they should give her a free flight somewhere, but in her place I wouldn’t want to fly with them again.

  5. Stop making excuses for the white guy. He was being rude and extremely disrespectful. I personally would have told him to shut up, grow up and show the respect for others which your parents taught him.

  6. I was harassed on a short flight in CA by a beligerant man who had had 6 drinks prior to taking off and continued to drink throughout the flight. He was behind my young daughter and I and he stood over us and peering between the seats. When I didn’t reciprocate his advances he proceeded to call me names. Not one person on the flight said anything. I yelled at the man to sit down and leave us alone several times. Finally I had to get the flight attendants involved because he wouldn’t stop. He was met by security when we landed. The airline was at fault in this case for giving this man so much to drink on a very short flight

  7. What I want to know is, why didn’t any of the other passengers intervene or say something?? I think that’s as bad as Ryan Air not ejecting him. Maybe if passengers had insisted at the time, the airline would have done more??

  8. Ryanair if you don’t tolerate that kind of behavior according to your policy, then why not kick him out right away. Throw the bigots out the door & ban him from flying.

  9. I would have sat on his lap. I did that to a woman who rushed into a cab I hailed in NYC after waiting 10 minutes with a tired daughter who travelled 18 hours avoiding a hurricane. I was furious! She had no choice but to get out.

  10. Lets look at few good sides
    1. The young guy who was sitting behind tried to intervene
    2. The young daughter forward came to help her mother
    3. A man found this behaviour of a rasist man bad enough to film and put on social meadia
    4. Airline takes notice
    I know this isnt enough by any means, but not a bad start. Hope that airline authorities take stict action against such people.

  11. How dare Ryanair not escort that passenger off the plane? As a passenger, I would have intervened and requested that he be removed for safety and peace of ALL the passengers. Especially the poor lady that was verbally attacked.

  12. Ryanair lowest of the low airlines. So many people have complained about them but they do nothing. Best to boycott them! As long as people still pay to fly with them they won’t change – they don’t really care!!

  13. Ryanair won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour. Really? I think we’ve all just seen Ryanair employees doing exactly that. And would Ryanair be doing anything now had the video not been so widely viewed? Of course they wouldn’t.

  14. I have a feeling that this man may have some kind of special need. Could he be autistic or have a form of Aspergers perhaps? The airline staff should have dealt with the affair with more understanding of equal rights on both sides. The media need to see the truth, perhaps that is why Ryan Air are taking time to investigate the incident before making rash judgements.


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