A female suspect is dead and four people are hurt after a shooting at YouTube’s …


A female suspect is dead and four people are hurt after a shooting at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters.

Latest: bbc.in/2q4al0O



  1. Well done the cops, these brave men and women face an almost impossible job in the USA, instead of berating them they should be lauded, without the police there is only lawlessness and anarchy!!

  2. And ppl said that men were the only shooters. This breaks that violent stereotype. Its sad that despite the high numbers of mass shootings in the US, some ppl still prefer their rights over their lives.

  3. I particularly like the comments that are almost justifying what she has done. “It must be a jilted lover”. “The reasons will become clear”. Oh ok then. As long as she had a reason, it’s ok. The double standards are astounding. Bottom line: she went into a populated place with a gun with the intention of hurting/ killing people. She’s as guilty as any other shooter and frankly her back story is of no interest.

  4. Soon we will hear a simple solution to this problem from the white house, there would be office staff in all corporations and within all departments that would be trained to carry a concealed weapon, just like school teachers now janitors, office clerks, accounting, human resources, sales, management etc would have staff who are trained at handling guns and will carry a concealed weapon at all times so they can deal with such situations. People who volunteer might get a small raise too. problem solved…!

  5. Saw a Fox station live interviewing witness/worker who on camera said saw the shooter & they were male 🤔 I actually looked up the reporting on this incident because someone had posted it was a female, yet every news source that had been covering it for over an hour had no information to report…yet again proving how terrible the media are at their jobs!

  6. Only in U.S do we see these events all the time.. Isn’t it time for the UN to do a intervention in U.S in order to save countless of innocent children’s lives from gun violence?

  7. So for the people in the comments going on about guns I have a question. How long do you think it takes to critically injure four people with a lead pipe? Or violence only matters when a gun is involved?

    I’m tired of only talking about gun violence, Im interested in decreasing violence period, the tools they use are irrelevant.

  8. Is really West not aware of the American attack over a Qoranic school in Afghanistan killing 101+ children and many more women and men???

  9. Maybe we should ban all automobiles since the death rate is so much higher with them. Many innocent people have been killed while driving down the road minding their own business when someone else wrecks into them


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